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How To Install And Use Android BlueStack Emulator On PC

How To Install And Use Android BlueStack Emulator On PC

How to install and use an android BlueStack emulator on a PC or laptop. Bluestack is an android emulator application that is already quite well known and can be run on the Windows operating system.

And of course, this BlueStack emulator has been around since the Android version is still an ice cream sandwich (ICS) I think. And until now it is still being developed and upgraded in terms of performance as well as interface.

And of course, the BlueStack emulator is one of the options for PC or laptop users who want to run an android application through the windows operating system.

For those of you who are curious and want to run an android app with the help of a BlueStack emulator on computers and laptops. Then check out the explanation below.

How to Use the Android Bluestack Emulator on PC or Laptop

For those of you who want to use this emulator, I recommend first checking the specifications BlueStack needs.

To be able to run this android emulator be sure to check the minimum specifications from a laptop or PC that will be used to run this emulator application.

  • Windows 7 Operating System or above
  • Intel Pentium or AMD processors
  • Ram Minimal 2GB
  • Minimum 5GB hard drive

After viewing the minimum specifications of a laptop or PC that can run this emulator. Certainly for the latest types of PCs and laptops now will not be constrained when going to install and install BlueStack emulator software.

1. Download And Install Bluestack first

As a first step, you can download and install BlueStack software by visiting the official website of the BlueStack emulator. And please click the download button and you have got the latest version of this android emulator software.

Download and Install Android Bluestack Emulator

Once the download is complete, then open the installer file. During the installation process make sure your PC and laptop are connected to the internet network. Because the BlueStack application will download the files you need.

For the issue of the size of the data to be downloaded can not be ascertained, because there may be the latest updates from the BlueStack. Then make sure there is plenty of free space on your laptop and PC.

2. Open The Application

Once the installation process is complete, you can run the BlueStack emulator via the start menu or through the desktop view. Run the BlueStack software and let the loading process run until you are presented with the initial view of this android emulator.

3. Enter Your Account In Bluestack

In the BlueStack emulator, you are required to enter a Gmail account you already have. This is so that every set of the application can be saved in the configuration in BlueStack.

Here's how to enter your account into a BlueStack android emulator

1. Once the initial loading is complete, a Google Play screen will appear

2. Click Sign-in.

3. Then enter as usual

4. If the sign-in is successful, you will be redirected to the Playstore main page

Finished. Now the BlueStack emulator is ready to use to download and install android apps

4. How To Install Apps In Android BlueStack Emulator

How To Install Apps in Android BlueStack Emulator

For how to install this app in Bluestack there are two ways you can do it:

  • Through Google Playstore
  • Through search Apps

If you use Google Playstore services it's about the same as when you download apps on your smartphone. But if you want to use the search apps feature in BlueStack then it can be seen on the Home tab and in the discover apps field please find the app you want.

How to use them as follows:

1. Write the name of the desired app in the discover Apps field

2. Click the Search button

3. if the application has been found after installing

Just wait for the android app installation process to complete and ready to run.

5. How To Run Apps Stored In Bluestack

How to Run Apps Stored in Bluestack

To run the downloaded android app, you just have to open it on the Home tab and see all the apps you've downloaded before.

And to run the APK android app is similar to when you use your android phone.

6. How To Set Android BlueStack Emulator To Be Lighter

For slow or light performance issues from BlueStack emulators are determined from the minimum specifications of the PC and laptop you are using. If your laptop and PC are classified as a high spec, there will be no slow performance in BlueStack.

How to Set Android BlueStack Emulator To Be Lighter

But there are ways you can get the best set-up so that BlueStack can operate lighter and can certainly improve performance as well. Here are the setup steps:

1. Click the top three dots button > then click Settings.

2. In the Display column set to 960×540 and DPI to 160 DPI

3. In the Engine setting to Performance, OpenGL, and Dedicated Graphics Renderer columns

4. Still in engine column > Swipe down > Performance Settings to 4 CPU and 60 FPS

5. If you have, please close the settings

And try to see if BlueStack performance is better than ever.

Troubleshooting Common Problems In Android BlueStack Emulator

In Bluestack usage, it turns out that certain errors sometimes appear unexpectedly.

Here's a explain and a solution to do:

1. How To Overcome Could Not Start The Engine On Bluestack

This message generally appears when Bluestack will run. For the cause, it is quite diverse.

It's generally due to a slightly problematic system. There are three solutions:

  • First please set engine mode to DirectX
  • Next, enable Virtualization Processor
  • If it still doesn't work, try reinstalling Bluestack software

2. Loading Too Long

For long loading, there may be a problem when installing Bluestack.

Or there's some kind of bug when you're using Bluestack, and it will appear when you're running a BlueStack emulator.

For how to solve it can try End Task Bluestack in Task Manager on PC and laptop. Then try rerunning the BlueStack.

3. Does Not Appear Images

No pictures appear or just blank black on pc and laptop screens.

The cause is due to VGA drivers. to resolve it as follows:

  • Try updating VGA drivers to the latest version
  • Check the Bluestack version to make sure it's up to date

Then you can also try reinstalling the Bluestack.

4. Latest Version Already Installed Messages

This message appears when you want to install Bluestack.

This message intends that there is already an up-to-date version of Bluestack. So you don't need to install the Bluestack software.

If you want to deal with it, it's pretty easy. Try going to the Control Panel menu on your PC or laptop > Uninstall a Program. Uninstall the Bluestack first and then reinstall the android BlueStack emulator.

Such information and short tutorials on how to use android BlueStack emulators on PC and laptop. Of course, it's pretty easy, but if there are still obstacles, you can ask about the problem in the comments field. Thank you