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How To Turn Off Headphone Mode On Android

How To Turn Off Headphone Mode On Android

How to turn off headphone mode on android - Removing the headset marks on smartphones is very much what we need. Because the sign of the headset still appears when it is detached, it becomes a problem and a distraction when you use the phone.

As music lovers grow, the use of headsets is very familiar and so popular. Listening to music or making phone calls using a headset makes it easy.

Even for some people using a headset is mandatory. Related to the use of this headset, it turns out that there is one problem that often occurs.

Especially in the use of Android phones, that is, when the headset is detached from the phone, the emblem of the headset does not want to disappear. This is not a trivial matter.

Because it causes the phone's voice to not come out because the system from the smartphone assumes the headset is still connected. But it is not so, with the meaning has been detached.

The sign of the headset that is still visible even though it has been removed turns out to be a contributing factor. Often using active speakers to make noise on your android smartphone is one of the causes.

As well as playing mp3s because the sound is still not big enough. Besides, it is also due to the use of active speakers with excessive volume.

This causes the IC or audio jackhole of the headset to malfunction. Another cause is not using the original headset.

Worse still the use factor of the headset has rusted. The rust eventually attaches to the headset port and the system on the android phone assumes the headset is still attached and connected.

To avoid this problem, it is a good idea to pay attention to the causes. However, if it has already happened for better use of the phone, immediately remove the sign of the headset.

How to turn off headphone mode on android?

1. Cleaning Jack's Hole with Cotton Bud

When using an android smartphone for a long time, it does not close the possibility of invisible dust entering the jackhole. If you for a long time, you do not clean it, it will cause more and more dust deposits.

2. Reconnect Jack Headset

The next way you can do that is by plugging the headset back in and then unplugging it. This is how you do it over and over again.

Nevertheless, make sure that you do it slowly and slowly. So there will be no more damage.

Repeat this way until it removes the sign of the headset on the android smartphone. For the best way, don't forget to use the original headset. Because several successful cases are using this one way.

3. Turn off your phone

Turning off your smartphone and unplugging the battery can be the next way you can do it. Headset symbols can be lost in this way.

Generally, when the phone has a minor malfunction (the headset sign is missing), in addition to restarting it can also be done by unplugging the battery as well.

Not without reason, many mobile phone users use this way. Turn off your phone first. After that, the memory card, SIM card, and also unplug the battery. Wait a few minutes, then put everything back on.

After that, turn your android smartphone back on as usual. However, how to remove the headset marks on this phone can only be done on the type of mobile phone that uses a removable battery.

4. Use the Toggle Headset App

Use the Toggle Headset App

Another way you can use it is to download the Toggle headset app through the Google Play Store. This application can be used to turn off the headset mode to normal speaker mode.

However, this way has a drawback when making a call or receiving a phone you still have to use the buzzer speaker.

All you have to do is press the headset logo in the Toggle Headset app if you want to use the speakers.

If you want to use headset mode, just press it again. How to get rid of headset marks on android smartphones is fairly simpler.

5. Repair internal components on the smartphone

fix internal components to overcome damage to headphone mode on Android smartphone

The cause of headset mode on android smartphones can also be triggered by damage to internal components contained in the android phone. If this happens, you should immediately bring your damaged smartphone to a mobile phone repair store that has a good reputation and can be trusted.

Such are the reviews that Mobilintec Team can give bright how to turn off headphone mode on android. Hopefully, this information can be useful for all of you.