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Tips On Choosing The Right Smart Speaker

Tips On Choosing The Right Smart Speaker

One of the most popular gadgets today is the smart speaker system. The system consists of a wireless voice command device with an integrated virtual assistant. This device is used to improve the functionality of your home. 

Previously, the Amazon Echo ranked first as a favorite smart speaker. But now there are a variety of smart speakers with different brands so you have a lot of options. Then, how to determine which smart speaker is best for your home?

So below Mobilintec Team will give the right tips in choosing smart speakers for your needs

Focus on size, sound quality, and price

size and quality of smart speakers

In addition to having artificial intelligence, the device system also has three main specifications that you must consider, namely size, audio quality, and price. 

In general, smaller speakers at lower prices tend to have poor audio quality as well. However, if it has a higher price, then the quality will also increase. 

With not enough financial budget, you'll find cheaper pinter speakers like Google Nest Mini and Amazon Echo Dot. 

Both devices have poor audio quality for playing spoken feedback, alarms, as well as music. But if you only want the digital assistant feature, both are recommended devices for you to buy. 

Then, at a higher price, several options have a variety of audio qualities and the level of AI assistant intelligence used on smart speakers. 

Examples of speakers of good quality are Apple HomePod, Google Home Max, Sonos One, and Amazon Echo Studio. Besides, there is still an alternative option, namely speakers at a price that is not too expensive with sufficient quality. 

In this category, there are funky-looking Google Home speakers and the latest Amazon Echo. Both are available in a variety of colors and have a size as big as a water flask. Amazon also offers another option in a mid-price range which is the Echo Plus with a larger shape. 

Compatibility check

Although the size, audio, and price are three mandatory considerations, you also need to pay attention to some other capabilities to determine which speaker best suits your needs. 

If you plan to connect your speakers with other devices, then echo dot and nest mini are good considerations. The Echo Dot has Bluetooth and a 3.5 mm jackhole making it more flexible. 

Smart Home fans should also decide if the speakers they want match the current or upcoming settings. Making sure your speakers can set up other devices is a must. Amazon, for example, provides a list of smart appliances that can work with Echo and Sonos One speakers. 

Consider the bonus features

When you're thinking about what you want from a smart speaker, it's also a good idea to also review the bonus capabilities that some of these devices are proud of. For example, you might want to search for multi-user support products that can recognize the voices of different people. This is very useful for conveying appropriate information. These features are available on Google Home and the Amazon Echo speaker suite. 

Google speakers automatically change device settings based on their voice. While on the Echo speaker you have to tell Alexa to switch accounts every time you say a certain command. 

Choose an AI assistant

Of course, you don't just think about sound quality. A speaker's intelligence is more important than his audio skills. 

The AI Assistant should also influence your decisions. Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant are all competent, but such choices are irrelevant. 

A more important factor for you to consider is which corporate ecosystem can keep you interested and fit your lifestyle. 

As you might think, a brand's hardware will work effectively with software from the same manufacturer. 

Apple users can conveniently side by side with MacBook and iPhone devices. The same goes for Amazon Fire and Kindle users. 

This also happens to smart speaker users. The manufacturer of the smartphone device you are using can also be a consideration when choosing an AI assistant.

Pay attention to security functions

security features of smart speakers

Of the widely sold smart speakers, the Amazon Echo is a smart assistant service controlled by Alexa voice. 

While these smart speakers are very easy to use, the privacy concerns of Amazon Echo and Alexa have many users worried. 

Smart speaker systems like the Amazon Echo are controlled by sound. Because of this, Alexa is in "listening" mode at all times. Many Alexa users believe that the Amazon Echo records every word it hears. 

In addition, there are other privacy issues involving Alexa. If someone hacks the Amazon Echo, it could open the door to illegal wiretapping. 

Utilizing a virtual private network is the best way to ensure the security of smart speakers and prevent spying by AI assistants. You can choose a VPN software provider that can be applied to the router- to add a layer of security to all internet-connected smart devices.