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8 Best Doorbell And House Bell Recommendations

8 Best Doorbell And House Bell Recommendations

Doorbell and house bell of various types - The use of a bell for your home or shop is very important to help us know the guests who are visiting. Don't let us miss the chance to meet them just because we don't know or don't hear the knock on the door.

To avoid such problems, you can add bells and intercoms to the door. The product is now available with a variety of features and designs on the market. To facilitate you in choosing the right type of doorbell or house bell, Mobilintec Team has summarized 8 brands of doorbells and house bells that can be your choice.

8 Types of doorbells and houses bell that can be a recommendation

1. V-Zorr No wires, no electricity

V-Zorr Best Doorbell

This wireless bell has a long range of up to 100 meters. The design is minimalist with blue glass accents that make it more modern and aesthetically pleasing. There are 32 types of bell tone models that you can choose for the sound. For its use, you can charge this tool with 2 AAA-type batteries.

2. Toyosaki DB 361 house bell

Toyosaki DB 361 house bell

This product needs to be connected to a power outlet with a maximum button installation distance of 80 meters. Equipped with a battery and wireless remote control of 315 MHz. This tool requires about 2 Watts of power and 220 V of electrical voltage. Also, you can choose from 36 different music tones through the buttons located at the corner of the bell.

3. Idealife IL-295 doorbell

Idealife IL-295 doorbell

Safe outside because it is wireless and waterproof. With a plug on the back, this product does not require a battery as it only needs to be connected to a power outlet. You can choose from 9 music tones whose volume can be set on 9 built-in 29mm speakers or receivers. The remote is waterproof to a depth of about 50 cm. The product has a signal range of up to 100 meters.

4. Bell House Forrinx FX-C

Bell House Forrinx FX-C

Wide reach and loud noise. Bell house has the most and most nice selection of melodies and has 52 collections of melodies. Transmitters and receivers use a wireless system with a maximum distance of up to 300 meters. The product is capable of producing sound from 65dB to 105dB using battery power. The design is minimalist and waterproof, so you don't have to worry about being damaged by rain or humid weather if you place bell products on this Forrinx FX-C house outdoors.

4. Forecum Double Receiver House Bell

Forecum Double Receiver House Bell

Uniquely patterned design with extra receivers, Because it has 2 receivers, this battery-powered product is perfect for spacious or multi-story homes. If you only use 1 receiver, then the rest can be backed up in case of damage. For installation, simply use bolts and adhesives incorporated in a set. The product is equipped with an Indicator LED that lights up along with the sound of the bell.

5. Arbit Smart WiFi Video Doorbell

Arbit Smart WiFi Video Doorbell

Sophisticated and innovative, can be two-way communication. This is a sophisticated home bell that is suitable to accompany your smart home-themed home. The product is connected to WiFi and comes with a rechargeable battery. The battery can also last up to five months. You can find out who the bell pusher is through your smartphone, as well as communicate bidirectionally so it's safer. 

The home bell also features a camera and memory card to store footage of activity around your door. Besides, this product is claimed to be weatherproof so that it is resistant to heat, dust, and rain. Even if you have to reach deep enough to have one, the features you get are worth the price. 

6. Bonkyo Waterproof Wireless Door Bell

Bonkyo Waterproof Wireless Door Bell

The design is elegant, and the choice of sound is not boring. This wireless home bell from Bonkyo is worth having if you are one of the people who get bored easily. With 58 different ringtones, you can change them however you want every day. In addition, its reach reaches 300 meters with 4 sound levels.

The product has an elegant design dominated by black and features an LED indicator that flashes when it rings. However, avoid placing this product in areas exposed to direct sunlight or rain.

7. House Bell From Teak Wood

House Bell From Teak Wood

The design is simple with a distinctive wooden sound. With a simple design, this product is suitable for minimalist homeowners who have a quiet atmosphere. The bell of this house is made of teak wood to produce a distinctive wood impact sound. Besides, the products of Wooden Projects have been coated with lacquer paint so that the color is evenly distributed and shiny.

8. Classic Brass House Doorbell

Classic Brass House Doorbell

Bring an antique and classic feel to your home. Complete the vintage atmosphere in your home with this beautiful-looking product. This brass product is equipped with additional chains to ring bells. You can make it, both as a bell and wall decoration. The classic impression will give an interesting impression of your home.

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In choosing a bell, make sure the distance and frequency match the area of the building. Also, choose the features and durability you want. You can also choose one that has an intercom feature and there's a screen to keep an eye on suspicious people. 

Don't forget to consider a design that aligns with the interior and exterior of the building so as not to interfere with aesthetics. Hopefully, reviews and tips from Mobilintec Team can help you in finding and considering the best house bells and doorbells.