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Guide To Selecting The Right Smart Lock Door Product

Guide To Selecting The Right Smart Lock Product

Do you have some less-than-satisfactory experience with conventional keys? Start thinking about a smart lock door as a modern security device. A smart lock can be controlled remotely using a smartphone. Smart locks are much more convenient to use, in addition to being secure.

There are various smart lock brands available on the market. As a consequence, you could be perplexed when selecting the best smart lock product. The Mobilintec Team will provide advice on how to select the best smart lock in this article. To find the smart lock that best suits your needs, compare the methods of operation first.

What are the benefits of a smart lock door?

One of the advantages of using a smart lock is that you can use your mobile to lock and unlock doors. You won't have to use the door lock as much, as usual, this way. It is much more practical to lock and unlock doors.

By simply bringing the smartphone closer to the smart lock device, some smart lock models will automatically lock and open the door. Then there's a model with an automatic lock timing feature, which allows you to be quieter.

Since it is connected to the door lock, the smart lock is not fully safe against intruders. There are, however, models that allow you to see traces of door locks from any location. For those of you who have a habit of forgetting to lock the door, this model is highly recommended.

There are several disadvantages of using a smart lock. Naturally, you won't be able to use it if your phone's battery runs out. When your smartphone runs out of battery or is left behind, you won't be able to lock and unlock the door.

Here are some considerations to help you choose the smart lock that will enhance your home's security.

Examine the installation process

It's important to know the installation method before purchasing a smart lock. Others involve large-scale installation, such as punching through the door, while others use adhesive tape.

It will be easier to install with adhesive tape, and it will not damage the walls or doors. If you live in a rented home, this approach is recommended. It's likely, however, that the adhesive is too weak or too solid to leave marks on the door. We recommend that you first review the usage guide.

On the other side, installing a perforated door requires time and effort. You don't have to be concerned if the smart lock moves or falls. This approach is appropriate for those of you who own a home.

Examine how the smart lock is locked and unlocked

Locking and unlocking a smart lock can be done in one of three ways. To find the most convenient solution for you, learn about each method's characteristics.

1. Hands-free type

For those of you who are a lot of luggage or want to lock and open the door easily. A hands-free type smart lock can be locked or unlocked simply by keeping your smartphone close to or away from the device. It doesn't matter if the smartphone is in a bag or bag.

You don't need to pick up the smartphone because the smart lock will detect the distance automatically. We recommend it for those of you who often come home with a lot of luggage.

Constraints can arise because this approach is based on the status of the Bluetooth link. It's possible that locking and unlocking doors will not happen immediately or will take a long time. You must access your mobile and trigger a Bluetooth link if this occurs.

2. The type which is operated by a smartphone

This form can use their smartphone to lock and unlock the door when standing in front of it. This form is more secure than the hands-free type when locking and opening doors since it does not use Bluetooth. Through the app, you can also see traces of door locking.

Since you must use your mobile at the entrance, this form can be a little more difficult. As a result, for those of you who need certainty while traveling, we suggest it.

3. Multi-device type

A smart lock that can be locked and unlocked using different devices is known as a multi-device lock. You can use a cell phone or card in addition to smartphones.

Since it is versatile, this style is suitable for families or workers. For example, Father and mothers use smartphones, while children use cards.

Some models can lock and unlock doors using voice recognition. This type of interface may be used by family members or workers who are blind or unable to use a smartphone. One disadvantage is that it is unquestionably more costly than others.

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Look for smart locks that have a battery-level warning feature

When the battery in a smart lock runs out, it becomes useless. The door will not open if the smart lock battery runs out.

You do not need to be concerned if you fail to check the battery regularly. All you have to do is choose a smart lock with a feature that notifies your smartphone about the battery level. When you monitor the battery level on a regular basis, you can guess when it needs to be replaced.

Check functions for crime and disaster management

Some smart locks have features that can be used in an emergency. Products with this function will help to relax the mind. The following are some examples of functions.

For added protection, switch on auto-locking and searching

Pick the auto-lock feature and check for open and closed doors if protection is a top priority for you. For those of you who forget to lock your doors, the auto-lock feature, for example, is recommended. For a set period of time, the door will be locked automatically. When you forget to lock the door when you're outside, you don't have to worry.

For families with children, the lock/unlock trace feature is also useful. You may stop forgetting to lock the door by keeping track of who is in and out.

Automatic unlocking in the event of an emergency, making it safer in the event of a fire or other disaster

Even though no one expected a fire in his home, it was better to be safe than sorry. You could have trouble opening it if you're in a panic. In the event of a tragedy, you can rely on the auto-unlock feature on smart lock devices.

When the temperature in the room exceeds a certain level, this mechanism will automatically activate. You can get out of the house as quickly as possible with this feature.

Each product has its own unique characteristics. However, once you've decided where and how you'll use it, you can choose the best choice. Start using a smart lock to increase security for your family and home.