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How Do I Fix YouTube Loading But Video Not Playing?

How to Fix YouTube Videos Loading But Not Playing

Why is my YouTube stuck on the loading screen? - Maybe you're having trouble loading YouTube, but the video won't play. This problem often occurs in a variety of smartphone devices, tablets, and PCs. then in this article Mobilintec Team will provide some tips and solutions to overcome YouTube loading but not playing

How to Fix YouTube Videos Loading But Not Playing

1. Use AdBlock in the Youtube app

Use AdBlock in the Youtube app

We all already know, every youtube ad sometimes appears at the beginning of the video. Some users choose to use additional applications or plugins such as Adblock to block ads on streaming videos on youtube. But it turns out that this can also cause problems, one of which is the problem of youtube videos loading continuously.

This is not without reason, because in principle the plugin or adblocker application will block any ads that appear, if there is a problem or error in the Adblock plugin will certainly have an impact on youtube videos that can not be played.

As a solution to the problem of youtube loading due to the use of the Adblock plugin can use the following ways:

Temporarily disable the AdBlock app or plugin and refresh it several times on the internet browser you're using. If the youtube video is still loading try to clear browser Cookies, clear data, cache on the youtube application on your smartphone or tablet.

2. Disable VPN apps

Users of smartphones, tablets, and PCs are certainly familiar with VPN applications. However, the use of a VPN app can have a bad impact on youtube applications, thus causing problems with youtube video loading continues.

To solve this, try disabling the VPN app and refreshing the internet browser on your PC or mobile phone, or restarting the youtube app on your smartphone.

3. Update The Youtube App

Update The Youtube App

If there is an error or youtube video can not be played on android smartphone devices even iPhone iOS, as early as you can update the youtube application through the Google play store or app store owned by iPhone.

4. Check Youtube Server Status

Do not forget also to check the status of the youtube server, is there any maintenance that impacts your country? you can see the status of the Youtube server through the Downdetector site.

And if it turns out that the Youtube server is in the repair stage, you can only wait for this repair process to be completed and youtube can again play the video you want.