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5 Most Beneficial Android Apps For Writers

5 Most Beneficial Android Apps For Writers

Beneficial Android Apps For Writers - The old image of the writer standing bent over his or her desk, in front of the typing machine, is nothing but a thing of the past. A writer’s life has become much easier ever since the advent of technology, the invention of the personal computer, not to mention the latest innovations, such as smartphones and tablet devices. 

Android devices can be of great use for writers that do not want to lose their inspiration, or wish to note down a new idea, or create a habit for writing more. The following Android applications are great for writers and their special needs.

1. Catch Notes

Your Android phone can be your best friend as a writer that is too much used to creativity bouts striking when least expected. CatchNotes is an application designed for Android platforms that help you note down your thoughts, even when you are not home, in front of your computer. Browsing through your notes is done easily afterward, when you are comfortably sitting, with your favorite writing program opened in front of your eyes.

2. Habit Streak

Procrastination is an old acquaintance for writers, in their vast majority, but certainly not a good friend. Habit Streak is an Android App that can help you shake off the bad habit of delaying things but helping you create new and useful habits. The app will stimulate you to write each day at least a bit, to create a habit. You can set up daily goals and follow them with the help of this Android application.

3. DropBox

Keeping your files in an orderly fashion can be a daunting task for a writer. DropBox is a very useful Android application that will help you keep all your files together and use them whenever the need arises. Also, DropBox can be useful when you need to check a reference.

4. Merriam Webster dictionary

Having a dictionary handy is a must for any writer that knows well that is there is always more to learn. The dictionary application released for Android-operated devices can really come in handy when you want to search for a new word. You can search for a word, using the old method of writing it down, or you can use the voice search option put at your disposal by this application. The mobile dictionary offers you access to over 225,000 definitions included in the Collegiate Dictionary and to over 300,000 synonyms and antonyms, as they are presented in the Collegiate Thesaurus.

5. Any. DO

Getting embarked on a writing goal can be a major hassle, especially if the project is very complex. With so many things to do, you may feel easily overwhelmed. If that is the case, then Any.DO is the exact Android app you need. The secret to dealing with a large project is to break it down into portions that you can really sink your teeth in. The application allows you to do exactly that, and order your ‘to-do list so that is more manageable.

You can download the list of Android apps for writers above via the google play store or other Android APK application provider websites.