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3 Best Xiaomi Roborock Robotic Vacuum Cleaners That Could be The Best For You

3 Xiaomi Roborock Robotic Vacuum Cleaners That Could be The Best For You

Xiaomi Roborock robotic vacuum cleaner - robotic vacuum cleaners are becoming more popular across the world, so it's no surprise that there's a sizable market for small cleaning robots in Hungary. While many people are still suspicious of them, an increasing number of people are using them to keep their homes clean daily.

If we require a robotic vacuum cleaner, we can already pick from a growing number of manufacturers' goods at home, and there are an increasing number of individuals who want to get the most bang for their buck. Xiaomi's gadgets are especially excellent value for money in this category, but even within that, the Roborock series stands out the most from the spectrum.

Xiaomi has several product lines

Few people are aware that among Xiaomi robotic vacuum cleaners, many product lines are models from various manufacturers; the Chinese giant has just combined them under one name. As a result, MiJia, and Roborock robotic vacuum cleaners are all available under the Xiaomi brand, and all of them are of great quality and have excellent Chinese support, whether software or hardware.

Of course, there are reasons for launching several product families. This is because all of these models are designed to meet and fulfill unique requirements and levels. While MiJia and Voimi, for example, are completely entry-level in the general market, Roborock provides a variety of top-tier options, whether it's excellent value for money or technology that outperforms high-end models.

What is the significance of Roborock?

The issue arises as to why Roborock robotic vacuum cleaners should be the emphasis of Xiaomi's products in such a large product range. The reasons for this are mainly to be found in the fact that these robotic vacuum cleaners are among the finest now based on price-value ratio, domestic support, and test results, so we can only make smart choices and evaluate our requirements with them.

Xiaomi Roborock robotic vacuum cleaners, for example, may provide exceptional performance, often with a suction effect of 2000+ Pa, and can be found in bigger houses due to their high-performance batteries, which are charged in a completely automated manner. Furthermore, they guarantee the immaculate cleaning of our house with a sophisticated brush system and well-functioning sensors, which are mainly based on LIDAR technology.

Wet wiping is currently possible with the finest Roborock vacuum cleaners, and as technology advances, we will see a considerable improvement in this area in the future. Not to mention the excellent software backdrop, very well-functioning and comprehensive application, a plethora of configuration choices, remote usage, and lots of fine-tuning, these devices have it all. Another advantage is that, in addition to the necessary service background, all accessories and worn parts for these devices are supplied separately in Hungary!

Roborock robotic vacuum cleaners from Xiaomi

Although there are many models in the Roborock robotic vacuum cleaners family, we've selected three that may be a suitable fit for each category if you pick Roborock robotic vacuum cleaners. Let's find out what they are!

1. S7 Roborock robotic vacuum cleaners

S7 Roborock robotic vacuum cleaners

The Roborock S7 has the potential to push the model into the background this year. This is because the S7 marks the pinnacle of Xiaomi's well-known product line, with a suction power of 2,500 Pa and an incredible amount of advancements. The robotic vacuum cleaner, for example, features a totally new brushing mechanism that collects dirt and dust from the floor more effectively than ever before.

The wet wipe feature has also made significant development. The Roborock S7 introduced the sonic mop, which is accompanied not only by new technology but also by a new mop that, as a result, performs more thoroughly and effectively than any previous solution. For all of this, it uses a LIDAR sensor to map your surroundings, and its 5200 mAh battery can clean for up to three hours.

Although it has been given a particularly large 470ml powder container, a special dock is available separately that, in addition to filling, also handles emptying duties. This is a significant advance over earlier Roborock versions. The robotic vacuum cleaner can autonomously push dirt and dust into the external emptier as a result of this, which eliminates the need to empty the dust container after each usage.

2. E4 Roborock robotic vacuum cleaners

E4 Roborock robotic vacuum cleaners

The Roborock E4 is the entry-level model in the Roborock product line. It represents an inexpensive price range, therefore it necessitates sacrifices; nevertheless, if the apartment isn't too large or you simply want to check the general cleanliness of the home between two major cleanings, it may be a decent choice.

The tiny vacuum cleaner with the dual gyroscope and OpticEye function does not yet utilize LDS sensor technology, but it nevertheless maneuvers skillfully around the apartment; however, it cannot store a map, so each cleaning will be a new adventure, a new discovery for him. Fortunately, the 5200 mAh battery allows you to clean for more than two hours while your 0.64-liter dust container is completely charged.

It's ideal for homes up to 100 square meters, and its suction motor of 2000 Pa can handle most dirt. It makes a maximum noise level of 66dB while operating and interacts with Amazon Alexa, although we can manage the tiny robot with a variety of settings via the Mi Home app.

3. S5 Max Roborock robotic vacuum cleaners

S5 Max Roborock robotic vacuum cleaners

If you're serious about purchasing a robot vacuum cleaner, the Roborock S5 Max is one of the finest options in the lineup, since it provides good value for money and boasts impressive capabilities despite its limited availability. He already has a LIDAR sensor, allowing him to meticulously map and control his surroundings, as well as create and store maps to aid him in his future work.

The 5200 mAh battery has been improved to the point that it may be cleaned for up to three hours before returning to its charging station. It operates at a maximum noise level of 60 decibels, and in addition to the 460ml powder tank, there is a 280ml water tank. This provides the mop function to the robotic vacuum cleaner, which is coupled with an electric water supply and surprisingly efficient operation.

The software backdrop is also very sophisticated; we can give it a lot of settings, examine the map, and designate no-go and no-mop zones using the Mi Home and Roborock apps, but we also have an automated surface recognition system and a HEPA filter in addition to the double brush solution. It was left out.