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Apple Confirms iOS Security Updates Even After iOS 15 Launch

Apple Confirms iOS Security Updates Even After iOS 15 Launch

It’s not a big deal for Apple to release major iOS upgrades and versions every year. With the release of advanced gadgets such as iPhones, new MacBooks, iMac, iPad, and other cool accessories, Apple has become quite consistent with releasing new operating systems for its devices. As announced in the WWDC event of 2021, iOS 15 is likely to come out this year.

And, as illustrated by Apple, iOS 15 would bring major security updates as well as awestruck features for iPhones. But, Apple has made another statement regarding the iOS 14 version. Maybe, all the iPhones might not get an upgrade to iOS 15 and stay with iOS 14. 

Apple decides to keep releasing security updates for iOS 14 even after the iOS 15 release. Let’s find out the instances in detail and some interesting features we’re going to experience with iOS 15.

Why will Apple Let Users Remain on iOS 14?

This will be the first time in history when Apple will allow iOS 14 users to stick with the current operating system. And, the upcoming iOS version, which is iOS 15, is probably going to hit the floor this fall. Apple won’t force iPhone users to switch to iOS 15 as soon as the version goes out in the market, as per the experts of Apple Repair Dubai.

Instead, users can choose for themselves whether to switch to iOS 15 or stay with iOS 14. Well, most users like to go with the current flow as soon as Apple launches any major iOS version. But, there are a few people who prefer reliability to technological advancements. Additionally, Apple will keep launching security updates for iOS 14.

Now, that’s a strong reason to stick to iOS 14 at any cost. The major vulnerabilities with older iOS versions are the lack of security updates and the incompatibility to fix any bug inside the iOS version. But, that doesn’t seem to happen with iOS 14 until and unless Apple decides to withdraw its support for iOS 14.

We personally like this idea of Apple not discarding the latest popular iOS update, i.e. OS 14. On a contrary note, when Apple had released the latest iOS versions before, the previous operating system couldn’t upgrade to the very new versions. Currently, Apple has released the iOS 14.7.1 version to keep all the nasty bugs away. Check your iPhones if your device is capable of downloading and installing them. 

Talking about security updates, they are necessary. Otherwise, third-party applications can have start-up issues on iPhone devices. This might be frustrating for individuals and selected enterprises. Still, Apple keeps security reasons above everything. And, we hope to experience a similar move from Apple when it releases iOS 16 or so.

Perspectives of Prioritising Safety by Apple

You can have a look at the trend of updating the iOS 14 version with various security patches. In that case, it will clear out most of your confusion. Yes, Apple is committed to offering optimum safety and security to its users. Let’s understand the consequences of updating iOS 14 too many times.

Performance Degrades

We can clearly remember when Apple launched the updated iOS 14.5.1, consisting of two major security revisions. The update might have prevented the hacks for sure; but, it’s more likely to affect the performance factor of the device. 

Victims of iOS 14.5.1 have admitted that their iPhones’ performance degraded to a measure of 60%. And, even tech experts have confirmed the fact and considered it as one of the weirdest things observed in their lives.

Battery Life Exploited

After iOS 14.5.1 made a stabilization, iOS 14.6 came into the scenario. And, to everyone’s surprise, this iOS version was present with more or less 43 security updates. As soon as users started installing the iOS version, it started affecting the battery life. 

While the entire world is freaking out with data security and cybersecurity vulnerabilities, most users will definitely rush towards better safety. And, without learning what changes the iOS update can bring to their iPhones, users will definitely select better security and safety options. 

In this circumstance, it’s time to applaud Apple’s decision to let its users choose whether to move towards iOS 15 or not. They can even access the security updates for iOS 15. However, it can trigger confusion, as well.

iPhone users can install the current version of iOS 14.7.1 that has gone available from 19 July 2021. 

Outstanding Features of iOS 15 Presented by Apple

It can be difficult for Apple users to decide on whether to move forward with iOS 15 or stay with iOS 14. That’s why we are here to help you with that; have a preview of iOS 15 features. 

By the way, we have discarded mentioning iOS 14 as you’re aware of the features way before. Let’s have a look at the fantastic specifications of iOS 15.

FaceTime Updates

Apple believes ‘New experiences. True connections’. So, Apple is focussing on communicating with people more than ever, and FaceTime is the greatest innovation of all time from Apple. The SharePlay feature adds extra spice to your life by providing you chances to share your experience with your nearest ones.

Share your iPhone screens along with movies, music, and much more with FaceTime and SharePlay. In addition to this, spatial audio, grid view, portrait mode, and mic modes will keep your conversation more natural. And, now anyone can join a FaceTime conversation. Share the FaceTime link via email and enjoy an end-to-end encrypted conversation among yourselves.


With iOS 15, any media shared on messages can be easily found in the Shared with You section. It means that you do not need to go to messages, again and again, to check up on those saved images or media. This feature will be available on Photos, Apple Music, Safari, Apple TV, and Apple Podcasts applications. 

Additionally, users can now select outfits and assign expressions for emojis. Images will appear as stacks or collages. They will remain in the grid, and with a tap, you can explore them. 


iOS 15 will be assisting people in concentrating on their work during busy hours. Users will be allowed to go with a particular focus that will notify people according to their preferred applications. The main motto of Focus is to deliver you a world free of distractions.

Additionally, you can let people know about your status so that they won’t bother you. If the work is too urgent, then Focus will notify you.

What More Can We Expect with iOS 15?

Apart from providing support for iOS 14, iOS 15 is going to bring major changes to iPhones. The new operating system update will offer new features to Maps. You can explore interesting driving features, and directions will be more detailed and simplified. For Safari, browsing gets easier with a new tab design.

Additionally, you can group tabs. Make use of voice search to surf the internet. Safari will permit you to install extensions just like any Mac on your iPhone. The Live text would convert any image into text within seconds. And, there’s much more with the advent of iOS 15. Let’s wait for the operating system to get released so that we can get to know about other interesting features.