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ZTE Axon Mobile Phone With 20GB RAM

ZTE Axon Mobile Phone With 20GB RAM

ZTE Axon With 20GB RAM - Better computers don’t have as much memory capacity as ZTE’s latest phone. There is a small screw in the thing.

Just like computers, tablets, and phones are constantly getting smarter. This doesn’t just mean that processors are capable of significantly better performance today. But also the fact that a device can handle a larger amount of memory than before. This phenomenon can be traced nicely in mobile phones as well, but none of the manufacturers have dared to go higher than 16 gigabytes (Asus and Samsung have such a device).

This is also why the announcement of ZTE in China, which puts a device with 20 GB of RAM in battle, came as a surprise. There’s some nonsense at the same time, however: as the  Phone Arena writes, the Axon 30 has been officially available since the end of July and can originally “only” display 12 gigabytes of memory. But then how will this be 20? By the manufacturer “lending” part of the ROM (that is, a type of memory that contains read-only data) to another. The process can essentially be described as a virtual extension, i.e. the size of the chipset does not officially change.

ZTE made it all possible with a remote update, and the end result is the first (android) device to run on 20 gigabytes of RAM. But whether that should be the case is already highly debated. Devices developed for the game can certainly take advantage of the larger storage space, but the novelty of ZTE was not invented for this. And most applications are satisfied with much less memory