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How To Choose The Best Kitchen Knife

How To Choose The Best Kitchen Knife

Best Kitchen Knife - Kitchen knives are one of the important appliances that must be in the kitchen. In addition to the chef's knife which is commonly used, there are also meat knives, and various other types of knives depending on the use each knife has a different price, quality, and blade material.

This time we will also give tips on how to choose a kitchen knife so that you don't buy the wrong one. Find a kitchen knife that works for you and enjoy the cooking time.

How to choose a kitchen knife

Now we are going to tell you about the points that you should pay attention to when choosing a kitchen knife. Since the kitchen knife is a tool that is used every day, choose the best.

Now we will explain the points that you need to pay attention to when choosing a kitchen knife. Since the kitchen knife is a tool that is used every day, choose the best one.

Choose according to material

There are different materials used to make kitchen knives. However, this time we are going to introduce four types of commonly used materials. Let's choose a comfortable kitchen knife, paying attention to the pros and cons of each ingredient.

Stainless steel knife

Stainless steel kitchen knife

Stainless steel, stainless, and easy to clean. Suitable for beginners. The advantages of kitchen knives with stainless steel materials are not easily rusted, are easy to clean, and are affordable. This material is highly recommended for those of you who are not used to using knives and are confused by various types of knife materials.

The sharpness of stainless steel blades can be affected by the presence of a mixture of other materials such as molybdenum and tungsten. Both material mixes affect the sharpness and price of the knife.

The higher the price, the better the sharpness and comfort when used. However, remember, the main advantages of stainless steel knives are their affordability and ease of use.

Steel knives have their lasting sharpness

Steel kitchen knife

A steel kitchen knife is perfect for those of you who are already skilled at cooking. In addition to having good sharpness, steel knives are easily sharpened when dull. If you buy a good steel knife, this knife can be used for life.

The downside to steel knives is that they get rusted easily. Therefore, never leave the knife in wet conditions. This knife also requires regular maintenance, so it takes a bit of effort and time to take care of it. Plus, although you can easily slice food without needing a lot of energy, this knife is heavy enough for everyday use.

Steel kitchen knives have advantages and disadvantages. If you want to buy it, it's a good thing to also consider the care that needs to be done.

Ceramic knife

Ceramic kitchen knife

For those of you who value the functional aspect of kitchen knives, we recommend choosing a ceramic or titanium kitchen knife. Each material has its advantages.

Kitchen knives with ceramic materials will not leave any traces of odor on the food. This type of kitchen knife is very suitable for making fillets. However, ceramic knives have poorer durability, so you need to be careful when using them.

The advantages of this ceramic knife are easy to clean and not easily rusted. In addition, this type of knife is quite light so it is easy to use.

Titanium knives have the advantage of not rusting easily, do not need to be sterilized in hot water and the condition is always clean. Compared to stainless steel knives, titanium knives are lighter, so that your wrist is not easily tired despite being used for long periods.

Titanium knives are easy to clean, but their sharpness is inferior to other knives. For those of you who don't want to be bothered with the treatment, choose a titanium knife.

Choose the type of knife according to the use

We recommend that you use a kitchen knife as the main kitchen knife and a spare or special knife to be used as needed. Here we will tell you how to choose the main knife, spare knife, and special knife.

For kitchen knives, choose a chef's knife or meat cutter

For kitchen knives that are used daily, we recommend that you choose a chef's knife or a meat cutter. Both can be used for different types of groceries, so many dishes can be completed with this knife. Usually, the length of a chef's blade or kitchen knife is about 16-18 centimeters.

For special knives, choose the one that best suits your needs

There are a variety of special knives which are convenient and easy to use when cooking. However, such special knives will be useless when not in use and become only displays.

Examples of special knives are vegetable knives, cheese knives, and bread knives. Unlike the main knife that is used every day, special knives can only be used at certain times. Before you buy, you need to think carefully about how often you will use it.

If you are increasing the number of kitchen knives, you should also add storage space and take the time to do regular maintenance. So we don't recommend buying a special knife but you don't use it very often. Make sure you choose a special knife that is absolutely necessary.

Each kitchen knife product has its own advantages, both in terms of material from the manufacturer, sharpness, and price. Choose a kitchen knife that best meets all of your needs and makes your cooking time more enjoyable.