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6 Smart Motorcycle Helmet With HUD

6 Smart Motorcycle Helmet With HUD

Smart Motorcycle Helmet With HUD - If you are passionate about riding a motorcycle and want to equip yourself with the best gear, then the thought of a smart helmet might have gone through your head. The Mobilintec Team gives you a choice of some of the best intelligent motorcycle helmets with HUD ( Head-Up Display) available.

What is a HUD (Head-Up Display)?

Head-up Display or HUD is a technology that shows the information on any vehicle's windshield (be it an Aeroplane, Car, or whatever). This information can range from GPS speed and direction. The paramount practicality of a head-up display is its ease of use while driving.

Like most technologies that have been commercialized over the past few years, the head-up display was initially developed by the military.

Best Smart Motorcycle Helmet With HUD (Head-Up Display)

1. Sena Moi pro-GW-XL 01

Sena Moi pro-GW-XL 01

The Sena Moi pro-GW-XL 01 comes first. Regarding the overall design, this helmet exhibited here is one of the greatest. 

Sena Moi Pro is the most comfortable helmet because its proportions are appropriately calculated, providing ample headspace and allowing for optimal airflow. Its internal eps liner and outside fiberglass shell provide a robust and sturdy body without sacrificing build quality.

The helmets also have a high-definition camera that can capture QHD 1440p video at 30 frames per second and HD 1080p video at 60 frames per second. 

Finally, the gadget includes a 135-degree field of view and a two-hour loop video recording capability if your memory is full. 

The product's overall appearance is enhanced by the optimal location of the Bluetooth-enabled camera, which is positioned on top of the helmet. The product is also DOT certified, making it an excellent choice for any biker or adventure trip enthusiast.

2. Sena Momentum Evo

Sena Momentum Evo

The Sena momentum Evo is up following helmet products. This product has a rugged appearance and appears to be a descendant of Batman because of how smart and stylish it appears. This product has a matte black cover that gives it an outstanding and powerful presence.

This product is also DOT-approved, making it highly safe and durable in the long run. It has an inbuilt mesh intercom technology and BlueTooth that allows you to pick up a call or listen to music while driving. 

The open mesh intercom allows you to connect to a rider's BlueTooth device from miles away, while the closed mesh intercom allows you to connect to a Bluetooth device from a few feet away.

3. Quinn Spitfire Nero

Quinn Spitfire Nero

The Quinn spitfire is the following product. Regarding the constructed quality and features that this monster has to offer, the Spitfire Nero is one of the most complex and innovative helmets ever created. 

Regarding safety, the helmet has a durable frame composed of thermoplastic and polyester to distribute impact energy. It also has an air ventilation system constructed so that you may utilize the BlueTooth sound system integrated into the Spitfire with ease.

A dual-density lightweight polyester liner with a revolutionary cone head structure creates an extended crush zone to cushion direct and rotational impacts. It is also included in the helmet's interior. The Spitfire features a superb Quinn Archip mechanism at its heart and an accelerometer, making it capable of sensing any collision and efficiently decreasing the impact to keep you safe. 

This Quinn spitfire helmet also has an SOS beacon in case of emergency, and the helmet is DOT certified, making it a great product in its own right. Check out this product if you like the upper end of the spectrum.

4. Torc T15B

Torc T15B

The TorcT15B, which comes in black, is the following product on this list. When it comes to design, the helmet has a rugged feel to it, and with its windshield mechanism, it acts as a buffer zone for wind and lets you stay protected throughout your journey. The Torc T15B also has a unique feature that increases stability when riding at higher speeds.

In terms of technology, it includes an integrated Bluetooth mechanism that allows you to choose and reject calls as needed. It also offers 400-meter intercom services. 

The factors described above make this helmet perfect in terms of technology, and as an added plus, it has a battery backup of 24 hours when it comes to speaking time. This helmet's inner padding is washable, has a sun visor, and a replacement scratch-resistant and fog-free shield.

5. Freedconn Helmet

Freedconn Helmet

The Freedconn Helmet is our following helmet product. Regarding design, the product is incredibly sturdy and resistant, and its remarkable lightweight allows for maximum ventilation with the addition of cheek cushions. The Freedconn has evolved into one of the most comfortable helmets available.

The helmet has Bluetooth 3.0 connection, which allows the rider to pick up or reject calls more efficiently. Listen to music, navigate with GPS, offer voice instructions to Siri or Alexa, and so on, all with a simple multipurpose button system. The built-in intercom capability allows you to effortlessly communicate with two to three riders within 500 meters. 

Freedconn Helmet also includes two quality speakers linked to it for greater output and a DSP echo cancellation mechanism to balance out the noise element, so if you're searching for an excellent smart helmet, this product can be a good choice.

6. Torc TB27

Torc TB27

Torc TB27 is the last item on our list. The Torc TB27 may be outdated in terms of technology, but it has a lot to offer in terms of quality. The product is both ECE and DOT certified, making its quality unsurpassed among competitors. 

The helmet has an appropriate air ventilation mechanism and a Ventura rear-based ventilation system that promotes air circulation for the rider, making them comfortable enough to ride for extended periods.

The helmet is also equipped with a standard Bluetooth 2.0 device, allowing the rider to have hands-free communication, stream music, or listen to GPS directions while riding. The device appears to be a perfect fit for those who want an intelligent helmet on a relatively low budget, so check out this product.


Choosing the fitting helmet to ride in is certainly not an easy matter. Besides, it needs special attention in terms of comfort. The most important thing is the quality of the motorcycle helmet material that can provide safety against impacts.

From the review of the smart motorcycle helmet with HUD above, it may be a reference for you to get the right smart motorcycle helmet product based on your choice and finances.