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How To Fix A Constantly Rebooting/Restarting Samsung Smartphone

Fix A Constantly Rebooting/Restarting Samsung Smartphone - Smartphones like Samsung that have extraordinary quality may have no problem. Events that are often experienced by some other brands of smartphones such as phones that often restart continuously can also be experienced on Samsung android smartphones. Maybe if the Samsung phone restarts itself but only once, maybe it's still a natural thing to be because it hangs, but what if it restarts continuously?

Continuous smartphone restarts can result from a variety of causes, including the Android operating system itself or many simultaneous causes. Samsung phones repeatedly restart due to common causes. There are several DIY fixes you may try before taking your smartphone to a repair shop.

How To Fix A Constantly Rebooting Restarting Samsung Smartphone

Causes of Samsung Phones Constantly Restarting

There are various reasons why Samsung android phones might restart repeatedly. For example, it could be due to programs we download that include worms, malicious software, or viruses that can fully turn off Samsung phones. The latest handsets often provide Android version update services for up to five years. It might also occur when we wish to upgrade some Android applications or the version of Android that we have.

If you receive a warning on your phone telling you to upgrade to the newest version, make sure your internet connection is strong before updating your Samsung smartphone since system updates sometimes result in download failures and cause the Samsung phone to restart repeatedly. Then, how to fix a constantly rebooting/restarting Samsung smartphone?

In this article, Mobilintec Team will provide several solutions that you might be able to do

How to fix Samsung smartphone constantly rebooting/restarting

1. Remove unnecessary files

One of the reasons your Samsung phone restarts itself is that it stores too many files that are not very important, such as the number of installed applications, photos, and videos stored in the internal storage with a large size, which you should then delete or back up to the SD card, as well as uninstalling applications that are not very important.

2. Verify the Smartphone settings

Android smartphone settings are necessary to customize the device to the user and make it more convenient to use. When changing the settings on the smartphone, you must be cautious. Android smartphone settings that are inappropriate might cause the Android system to act oddly and restart itself again.

You can resolve it by remembering whether you've ever changed the smartphone's settings. If any settings have been altered, you should return them to their default positions to get the smartphone functioning regularly once more.

3. Use Clean Master And Antivirus Apps

The Clean Master program may be used to remove garbage files that have been secretly stored on your Samsung Android phone. Clean Master can also identify the presence of junk files and increase RAM storage space.

While the Antivirus program works to prevent, get rid of, and check for viruses that have been embedded in your Android Samsung.

Viruses typically enter because you downloaded a file that wasn't from a legitimate website and that was contaminated with viruses by careless individuals.

You must remove viruses and scan for viruses using antivirus programs that you may obtain from the Play Store if your Samsung Android smartphone keeps restarting.

4. Perform a factory reset or hard reset.

The next step is to do a hard reset or factory reset on the smartphone if the other techniques did not succeed. they were just switching the smartphone into recovery mode. Select the "Wipe data/factory reset" option after starting recovery mode. The settings menu's backup & reset submenu and recovery mode are other ways to do a factory reset. To reset the smartphone, select the factory data to reset option.

It would be helpful to first backup all of your vital data, including phone contacts, photographs, movies, and other items that are on the Samsung smartphone, to a laptop or SD card before beginning this process.

5. Reinstall Phone

The next option is to flash your Samsung smartphone. This is a very effective technique to fix the issue because 90 percent of Android phones that frequently restart themselves have system damage that prevents the system from operating at its best.

Flashing often requires a PC or laptop and then requires the use of a tool software called ODIN, which is available online. You can get a ton of flashing guides for Samsung cellphones by searching for guides on Google or YouTube. When you flash, all of your data will be lost, so be sure to back up whatever you believe to be crucial before flashing.

Samsung smartphones that constantly reboot/restart due to internal component factors

Samsung smartphones that constantly reboot restart due to internal component factors

Apart from being due to problems with software, applications, and settings of the phone. Damage to Samsung phones restarting continuously can also be caused by problems with internal components, here is the explanation:

1. Problem Battery

Excessive use of the phone or the age of the phone that is quite old will certainly have an impact on the life of the battery used. Mobilintec team often gets cases of smartphones that reboot continuously and repeatedly due to cell phone batteries that start to be damaged, damaged cell phone batteries can be marked by an arbitrary percentage of battery on the phone screen if the phone restarts suddenly.

2, Damage to the power on/off button

Yes, the on/off button on the phone can trigger a rebooting on a Smartphone. This can occur due to corrosion of the button or flexible cable so that a short circuit occurs, thus making the phone reboot continuously without being able to enter the main menu display of the phone.

3. Damage to internal components

A phone can function adequately with performance support in each internal component, damage to internal components can certainly make Samsung smartphones restart continuously. If this happens, you should consult a trusted mobile phone repair service.

4. eMMC IC and CPU start to run low

Excessive use of mobile phones, especially mobile phones that are often used to play games without knowing the time, can trigger weak EMMC ICs and CPUs. If this has happened, of course, the performance on Samsung smartphones will decrease and there will be things like performance decreases, phone freezes, phone restarts, and hangs logos.

To solve the damage to Samsung phones that restart due to weak eMMC ICs and CPUs, we recommend that you take the phone to the mobile phone repair service.


If your Samsung smartphone is constantly rebooting/restarting due to damage to internal components, you should first consult a trusted mobile phone repair service near you. So that they can determine the cost of repairing it, and you can calculate whether the phone repair funds are worth spending or you should choose to buy a new Smartphone.