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How To Fix Android Cellphone Stuck In Headphone Mode

How to fix android cellphone stuck in headphone mode
The use of headphones is very pleasant when listening to music. But many obstacles experienced by Android cellphone users where there is no loss of the headphone logo on the cellphone screen. even though the headphones have been detached from the mobile device.

Causing the sound does not come out when there is a notification of incoming messages (SMS) or telephone calls. Really this is very annoying and panic.
On this occasion, Mobilintec Team will provide a solution to fix the cellphone that is stuck on the headphone logo.

How to fix an android cellphone stuck in headphone mode? Below are some ways you can try :

1. Disconnect and re-plug the headphones 
This method is quite effective and worth a try but there are special steps and methods
  • Try to remove the headphone plug in a pause that is a little longer about 5 seconds.
  • Try removing the headphones in a quick pause of about 1 second repeatedly.
  • When removing the plug, you can try while twirling the headphone connector. It is recommended while turning on the music. Usually, it is effective enough to fix a cellphone stuck in the headphone logo
2. Restart the android cellphone 
There is a possibility that the headphone logo can not be lost due to interference with the android mobile system. Maybe you can restart the Android mobile device to restore the system interference.

3. Clean the headphone port on the Android mobile device 
In addition to the cause of the cellphone stuck in the headphone logo caused by the interference of the software, the hardware can also be the main source of the problem. You can clean the headphone port by using a cotton bud, and as usual, you can dip a little cotton bud with alcohol while cleaning.

4. Use the SoundAbout application 
This application serves to adjust various sound settings on an Android mobile phone. But there is a feature that can eliminate the headphones logo problem on your android mobile device.

by opening the SoundAbout application and entering the Connectable Devices menu >> Wired Headset Settings >> Then uncheck the Wired Headset Detection.

Similarly, tips or how to fix a cellphone stuck in the headphone logo, hopefully, it can be useful for you all.