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Life-Saving Hack: Unstick Your Android from Headphone Mode NOW!

How to fix android cellphone stuck in headphone mode
Fix Android Phone Stuck In Headphone Mode - Do you realize that you can't turn off the earphone mode you're using since your phone is silent and no longer produces any sound? This is a typical issue that affects Android cell phones from all manufacturers.

This is incredibly frustrating since you run the danger of, say, missing a crucial call. But thankfully, there is a fix. We'll provide you with some solutions to common phone problems in Headphone Mode in this article.

Why Android Phone Stuck in Headphone Mode

I'll offer you a few explanations for why the phone is in headphone mode now, but it's unclear whether the customers are actually concerned about these issues.

Several potential causes include:
  • The headphone jack becomes wet.
  • Before the music ends, unplug the headphones.
  • The audio jack's hole is covered in debris.
  • damaged audio jackhole
Now that the potential causes have been identified, it's time to hunt for a repair for "Android phone stuck in headphone mode."

How can I exit headset mode on my Android phone?

Users will undoubtedly hunt for a better solution to the problem if they encounter the headset logo and error alerts. You can solve your phone's headset mode by using the techniques listed below, so don't worry.

1. Disconnect and re-plug the headphones 

This method is quite effective and worth a try but there are special steps and methods
  • Try to remove the headphone plug in a pause that is a little longer about 5 seconds.
  • Try removing the headphones in a quick pause of about 1 second repeatedly.
  • When removing the plug, you can try twirling the headphone connector. It is recommended while turning on the music. Usually, it is effective enough to fix a cell phone stuck in the headphone logo

2. Restart the Android cellphone 

There is a possibility that the headphone logo can not be lost due to interference with the Android mobile system. Maybe you can restart the Android mobile device to restore the system interference.

3. Clear off any debris from the headset jackhole

If restarting the device does not solve the problem, there is probably dirt in the headset jack hole. In this situation, you must first inspect the headphone port for any contaminants.

If you see any dust or other filth, you should clean it up. The top two choices are:

Make use of a portable vacuum. The chance of harming your equipment is minimized by using this strategy, which is the safest one.

To remove any apparent contaminants, use tweezers. However, you must exercise caution because doing so puts you in danger of harming the headset port.

4. Use the SoundAbout application 

This application serves to adjust various sound settings on an Android mobile phone. But there is a feature that can eliminate the headphones logo problem on your Android mobile device.

by opening the SoundAbout application and entering the Connectable Devices menu >> Wired Headset Settings >> Then uncheck the Wired Headset Detection.

5. An alternative is to use a Bluetooth headset

You might be able to hear the sound with Bluetooth headphones even though your Android handset can no longer leave headphone mode and it doesn't function when you plug in the headphones.

Use of your device can be continued as a temporary fix.

5. Make phone repairs

You might think about sending the phone to the manufacturer for repair if the prior method did not sufficiently address your issue. You may view a list of reliable mobile phone repair shops in your area.


I hope that my quick explanation of how to fix an Android phone that is stuck in headphone mode will be helpful to you in resolving the issue. In reality, it is also advised to use expert tools to quickly fix stuck headset mode on Android phones.