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Revive Your Android! Boost Touchscreen Sensitivity to the Max

How to fix touch screen android cellphone is less sensitive
Anyway, that can be done to solve the touchscreen less sensitive in Android phones - The touchscreen of a less sensitive android cellphone is very annoying, especially if you are very happy playing games, which requires finger speed when playing games.

The touchscreen of the cellphone which is less sensitive also makes the activity when using the cell phone limited, especially when we want to write a message or (SMS).For those of you who are currently experiencing damage or touch screen cellphone that is less sensitive.

What should I do if my touch screen stops working or is less sensitive?

Touchscreen screens have been the most essential component of smartphones since the introduction of touch screen technology. You use it all day to type messages, run apps, and play games.

And therein lies the issue. Because the touch screen is more delicate than it appears. This sort of failure affects every brand and every gadget. When the touch feature fails, the entire smartphone becomes inoperable. You are then unable to do anything else or access your personal data.

You should be aware that hardware malfunctions are not the only reason for damage to a phone's touch screen. But if the system is to blame, there are a few easy things you may try to get the touch screen operating again.

1. Clean your smartphone screen

Make sure your hands and the phone screen are both clean and dry before using it. Oil and moisture (sweat) are not supported by the touchscreen display. Indeed, the accuracy of the screen contact detection system might suffer from the presence of contaminants or liquid substances.

For this reason, it is advised to use a microfiber cloth to scrub your phone's screen completely. Never use chemicals, though, please. A certain solution's acetone, ammonia, or alcohol content erodes the screen's applied protective layer.

Make sure your hands are clean as well. The last and most crucial fact is that most phones do not function with gloves. Before using your smartphone, keep in mind not to wear gloves.

2. Turn off your phone

Many readers are sure to chuckle at this proposal. However, a straightforward restart usually suffices to fix the peculiar behavior of a particular smartphone's touch screen. Hold down your device's power button until the boot menu appears. Select Restart from the menu.

If the screen won't respond to your commands, hold down the power button for a short period of time.
To restart, hold down the power button for a moment. After restarting the phone, you must move on to the next step if the touch screen is still not functional.

3. Remove the scratch-resistant or replace a better scratch-resistant 

The use of scratch-resistant indeed is very important to protect the cellphone screen from collisions and the occurrence of rupture on the screen. But there are some scratches that actually make the touch screen of an android cellphone becomes less sensitive.

4. Install the SGS Touchscreen Booster application or partial screen

To fix the Android phone's less sensitive Touch Screen
You can install 2 types of applications above please try adjusting the settings of the application and you can feel the change whether the touch screen of your android cellphone becomes more sensitive

5. Clean up junk files or non-essential files Junk 

Files and unnecessary files are very influential to the performance of an android mobile phone. And will have an impact on the slow responsive touch on the android cellphone screen.
To clean up junk files maybe you can install a cleaning application that you can download through the Google Play Store or other Android application provider websites.

Those are 5 tips on how to fix the touchscreen less sensitive or not working on the android cellphone, hopefully, the above method can be useful for you all.