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Tips To Fix Touchscreen Android Is Less Sensitive

3 tips to fix touch screen android cellphone is less sensitive
Anyway, that can be done to solve the touchscreen less sensitive in Android phone - The touchscreen of a less sensitive android cellphone is very annoying, especially if you are very happy playing games, which requires finger speed when playing games.

The touchscreen of the cellphone which is less sensitive also makes the activity when using the cell phone limited, especially when we want to write a message or (SMS).For those of you who are currently experiencing damage or touch screen cellphone that is less sensitive.

Mobilintec Team will discuss 3 solutions that you can try to fix the touchscreen less sensitive Android cellphone that you have Let's see the explanation below :

1. Remove the scratch-resistant or replace a better scratch-resistant 
The use of scratch-resistant indeed is very important to protect the cellphone screen from collisions and the occurrence of rupture on the screen. But there are some scratches that actually make the touch screen android cellphone becomes less sensitive.

2.Install the SGS Touchscreen Booster application or partial screen
To fix the Android phone's less sensitive Touch Screen
You can install 2 types of applications above and please try adjusting the settings of the application and you can feel the change whether the touch screen of your android cellphone becomes more sensitive

3. Clean up junk files or non-essential files Junk 
Files and unnecessary files are very influential to the performance of an android mobile phone. And will have an impact on the slow responsive touch on the android cellphone screen.
To clean up junk files maybe you can install a cleaning application that you can download through the Google Play Store or other Android application provider websites.

Those are 3 tips on how to fix the touchscreen less sensitive of the android cellphone, hopefully, the above method can be useful for you all.