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IMPOSSIBLE NO MORE: Restore Lost IMEI on Android (No Root)!

How To Replace IMEI Number Android Mobile Without Root
Replace lost IMEI Android Mobile Without RootWhether you have root access or not, changing the IMEI on your phone is simple. The IMEI number of this phone may be changed, despite the fact that it is one of the most crucial components of android smartphone devices.

Actually, the only permanent identification on mobile devices is the IMEI. This is also helpful for the SIM card's device registration procedure. It is impossible to use a SIM card in a phone if it lacks an IMEI number.

Before we discuss how to replace android IMEI without root. Mobilintec Team will explain what IMEI is and its functions. Each mobile phone or Android mobile device has a different IMEI number, the main function of the IMEI number is to track the whereabouts of a lost or dropped cellphone.

Although android IMEI is very important for a mobile device, IMEI can be lost due to system interruption and can be rewritten, but the steps to rewrite IMEI on android are not easy. Because IMEI is an important part of an Android system.

The most common reason why we have to change the IMEI of an android mobile is because of damage to the system, what can the IMEI number not appear when checking with dial code * #06#

In general, to make changes to IMEI always have to do root access, maybe one of you has ever wanted to make changes to the android IMEI but is constrained by the difficulty of accessing the root, fortunately on this occasion the Mobilintec Team will discuss how to replace an IMEI android phone without root. 

Simple Way to Change an Android Phone's IMEI

The International Mobile Equipment Identity number is referenced by this IMEI. Every smartphone undoubtedly has a unique IMEI number. On the phone's back or by entering *#06# on the keypad, you may find the IMEI number of the device.

You will gain a lot of advantages by altering this IMEI number. The majority of individuals that choose to utilize the Refer & Earn app to make money and top up their accounts with free money typically use this way of altering the IMEI Number.

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How To Replace Lost IMEI Android Mobile Without Root

To replace android IMEI with engineering Mode, you can follow the steps, This feature only applies to android mobile phones based on the MTK chipset (Mediatek)
Replace Lost IMEI Android Mobile Without Root
1. Try typing on the dial pad of your cellphone * # 7465625 # or * # * # 3646633 # * # *
2. If successful, you will be directed to the Engineering Mode menu
3. Then select the Connectivity menu
4. Next select CDS information
5. Then select Radio information
6. It will appear to select SIM 1 or SIM 2 if your Android mobile has the 2 SIM feature
7. The Radio Information menu is a place to enter the IMEI code on your cellphone
You can note the IMEI number in advance on the cellphone. In general, there is behind the cellphone battery or even in the cellphone box

Then write the command in the radio information column. 
Then restart your cellphone.
And re-check the IMEI has reappeared by dialing the code * # 06 #

If successful, congratulations your cell phone can be used again for the activities of conducting voice communication, sending messages (SMS), or the internet.
This is how to overcome or rewrite the lost IMEI number on an Android mobile phone without root.