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NFC Excellence Unveiled! 5 Must-Try Features for Android and iPhone!

NFC Feature Functions On Android And iPhone

5 NFC Feature Functions On Android And iPhone
Gadget enthusiasts are sure to know what the NFC features are. This feature has begun to start a lot of embedded on some phones, which are specialized in mid-range and flagship classes. NFC supports contactless digital payment applications such as Samsung Pay or Apple Pay.

But what exactly is NFC technology and how does it work? NFC is an abbreviation for "Near Field Communication" or it can also be meant by close terrain communication. The NFC feature requires two features that each has to be compatible with the NFC, one device acts like a transmitter as well and one other device as a signal catcher.

There are two types of NFC-compatible features, passive and active feature. Passive features such as electronic money cards or other small transmitter features can only send data to other NFC features without the need for energy. This type of feature does not need to process data received from other features. They are dependent aliases requiring the active create can connect feature.

NFC-enabled features can send or receive information. A very universal example is a smartphone that has been equipped with NFC features. There are also card readers on public transport or digital payment machines. Not only carry out payments through Samsung Pay or Apple Pay but NFC-equipped smartphones can also be used to read the remaining balances and reload the electronic Money card, the process just enough to bring back the phone's Smartphone to the electronic card.

In addition to the existing functions, the Mobilintec Team will also provide information and other functions from NCF on Android phones and iPhone

Similar to the Bluetooth feature on Android phones and iPhones in general, NFC is also a bus used to perform data transfers faster and practical with wireless methods, NFC features work using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) The resulting electromagnetic induction is beneficial for sending data and information as if we were using the Bluetooth and WiFi functions.

Here are the 5 function lists from NFC features on Android smartphones and iPhones

1. Data Transfer (Video, music, and photos)

NFC Feature Functions For Data Transfer
Usually, people will use the NFC feature to transfer data in the form of photos, videos, or music with fellow smartphones or iPhones that already support NFC features as well. Simply activate the NFC function then it can be done data transfer and receive data wirelessly.

2. Electronic Transactions Payment

NFC Feature Functions For Payment
Apart from being a data transfer, NFC can also be used to make electronic payment transactions, by utilizing the NFC Payment feature, you just need to connect your smartphone to the payment transaction device In the store, the payment process can take place without having to spend cash.

3. Reload and check E-Money balance

For those of you who use E-Money more often, it will be difficult if your E-Money balance is exhausted, but if your Android phone or iPhone has the NFC feature that can be used to recharge your balance on E-Money You, by using the NFC function in Android hp and iPhone is very useful if you are running out of E-Money when you want to make a payment something.

4. To play Multiplayer games

The function of NFC features on Android phones and iPhones also able to play games in multiplayer, with NFC feature can connect multiple players without loading, but not all games on smartphone phones support this NFC feature because is indeed Most games on Android smartphones as well as many more iPhones rely on an Internet connection or WiFi.

5. Using the NFC function Tag

The NFC Tag function is a special device that has a command to walk the particular App as well, with the NFC Tag feature you can send a message to a specific contact list or call a person. NFC tags are also often used in shopping malls to make it easy for customers to check the price of the goods they are going to buy.

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Advantages of NFC features compared to Bluetooth and WiFi

NFC, Bluetooth, and WiFi have almost the same function as the data, it is the media, even the current WIFI technology already has a very fast connection to transfer data, but only NFC features can make transactions Payments online, and that feature can not be found in WIFI or Bluetooth, the other advantages of NFC are:
  • Save Battery.
  • Can make online payment transactions without having to transfer personal data.
  • Connect faster to other NFC devices without Pairing.
That's some of the functions and advantages of NFC that exist in Android smartphones and also iPhones, hopefully, this information can be useful to you all.