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8 Best VPN Android Apps Of The Year 2020

8 Best VPN Android apps of the year 2020
VPN stands for Virtual private network. is a technology that can add, enhance security in accessing the Internet. Broadly, it is a private/private VPN that uses a non-personal medium such as the Internet, its purpose to connect securely and comfortably.

So the point is if you want to be safer in doing activities on the Internet through Android, your privacy is protected and public Wi-Fi which generally has no security can still be protected privacy information buddy.

Maybe for everyone Internet security is a top priority, if we have an important account. Such as online bank accounts, social media accounts, and other important accounts. Of course, a VPN is very useful at all. Actually, there are many ways to access the blocked content/websites one of which is by using a VPN, and here is the advantage of a VPN.
  • Improve mobile device security.
  • Hides the original IP of ours.
  • Can open the blocked web provider operator in a country. Then on this Mobilintec Team will summarize also some of the best Android VPN apps, the fastest, the safest, and the free.
The VPN application that will be given already meets the criteria that are worthy to try, besides being easy to use also its features are of course reliable.

Here are 8 lists of the best Android VPN apps of 2020 that must try

1. Hotspot Shield VPN Proxy, Wifi

Hotspot Shield is the best solution for the internet securely, not only does protecting this VPN user also protect privacy which may threaten you, just like most VPN hotspot Shield can also access sites blocked by Internet providers. Indeed for Hotspot Shield is quite famous and widely worn by many people.

The Shield Hotspot makes your device and Internet gateway virtual private. So it lets it difficult to penetrate its security either by snoopers, hackers, and ISPS who can spy on or steal your data when browsing the Internet.
As for the same features most VPN encrypts outgoing and incoming data to be safer, this Hotspot Shield application is the best solution for security problems.

2. Hola Free VPN

Hola Free VPN is a pretty good VPN for you, a free app with pro features that will certainly be very good quality. More There are some interesting features that other VPN applications do not have. Hola VPN comes with the ability to increase browsing speed by choosing the closest and fastest server so that accessing faster internet is also convenient.

In addition, Hola Free VPN is also available with a lot of IP and a complete server. It allows you to choose many options to use it, with a lot of server options, then internet browsing becomes more convenient for us to set our own.

3. SuperVPN

As the name alone we know the ability, the name is interesting and fortunately according to what is given to the user. Super VPN app is simple and easy to use.

The lightweight application size and simple look make this app quite a lot of interest by Android phone users. Moreover, this application is without any session, has unlimited bandwidth, and always protects you when browsing.

4. Speed VPN Free VPN Proxy 

Speed VPN is a VPN app that can connect your Internet network to a server faster. In addition to the faster, it will also be safer, this VPN application is a free application that has a connection speed and to the stabilization goes to the server more, when compared to other VPNs that are not well known for its greatness.

5. Free VPN Proxy by Betternet

The VPN application of Betternet is indeed well known, besides being available for mobile devices and PC. This app has the advantage of being free of course, but don't get me wrong even for free but it has a very nice feature.
An interesting feature that Betternet Berkan for its users is that access to the server is faster, simpler when connecting only one click, And quickly also easy Buddy can use this VPN proxy directly without having to set his hand.

6. CyberGhost Proxy VPN

CyberGhost's Android VPN app is powerful enough for security, without a doubt its ability to provide a high level of security. Many people are worried about the security of their account data or other important data, of course, if losing important data will be very troublesome.

So with CyberGhost, you do not have to worry because CyberGhost directly can block malware easily, not only that CyberGhost VPN is also available with a reliable server with 23 servers from a total of 15 different countries. But there is also a paid version equipped with 300 servers from 23 different countries.

7. Touch VPN – Free Unlimited

The following powerful enough application is TouchVPN. This application is equipped with many abilities:
  • Bandwidth without speed limitation/Unlimited
  • Free with Wi-Fi protection with encrypted SSL.
  • Fast and reliable Server
Easy to use. And most importantly it's free, for a very simple and easy-to-use interface. So without a check, there is a buddy who can directly contact him practically easily and fast.

8. Psiphon VPN
The application is also very famous for having a version of PC and Android, Psiphon changes the best choice for a secure connection when you want to do Internet, equipped with enough servers from various countries, surely you should try this one VPN application.

That's the summary of the 8 best Android VPN Apps list in 2020, obviously, by using one of the above 1 lists of apps, the Internet activity you are doing will be more and more secure and avoid data theft by the rogue person on the Internet.