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Revive Your SD Card in 7 Simple Steps! Say Goodbye to Corruption!

7 Steps Repair SD Card Corrupted Or Error
How to Fix the SD Card Or Error? The damage to the SD card is certainly irritating and worrying if your important files and data are lost.

A memory card is where you can store all the data you have on the smartphone. SD Card can save your photos, videos, songs, or any other important files.

This Media store is very much needed to support the performance of a mobile phone, a memory card can easily be met and sold in a computer shop, and smartphone shop.

While Android phones and iPhones are still expensive items, some older phone models still have a type of storage named MMC (Multi Media Card).

You must have known or used the MMC storage media. Unlike the SD Card is easily distinguished from the MMC through a larger and thicker size.

Understanding of SD Card 

SD Card is a flash memory card format. The SD acronym means Secure Digital. SD cards are often used on mobile phone devices, smartphones, and digital cameras as a data storage capacity enhancer.

Some early developers of this SD card are SanDisk, Toshiba, and Panasonic based on previously-produced MMC cards.

Of these three companies, they established associations and companies that have the authority to grant licenses of patents and standards of SD cards in the market.

The important factor of the product they stretch is the ' backward compatibility ' policy.

With the policy, although in the market circulating the new SD Card, all SD cards must be ensured in advance the compatibility with the old SD Card.

Standardization becomes one of the advantages of the SD Card that makes it popular. Currently, the SD Association (SD Association/SDA) has about 1,000 member companies. They include Hewlett-Packard, Motorola, NEC, Compaq, LG Electronics, Samsung, Sharp, and many more.

There are 3 types of SD cards circulating in the electronic market of computers and smartphones, they are SDSC, SDHC, and SDXC, Of the three types of SD cards, there are two (2) additional variants besides the standard SD Card, namely miniSD and microSD.

Back to the problem of damage to the SD card, of course, we as smartphone users who also provided with a memory card.

It must be able to understand the symptoms and signs of damage to an SD card so that the files and important data that you have are not lost or damaged.

These are some signs of damage to the SD card!

Physical damage 

Physical damage to the memory card is actually very rare. but an electronic object when falling or dropping, dipping into the water, or being exposed to heat for a long time, could make the SD card become damaged.

Corrupt files 

Never try to unplug the SD card without ejecting, unmounting, or safely removing it after use. You can do safety removal according to commands on your phone or computer.
Moreover, when the activity of writing data is transferred to the memory card. It can occur the possibility of data corruption and files stored on the SD card becoming corrupted.

Age of hardware 

Any hardware has a lifetime or lifetime, and for flash-based memory such as USB Flashdisk and SDcard this can be estimated from the number of activities reading and writing data into a storage media, The more often you do a data display with an SD card so the condition of the hardware will be weaker. Because indeed every electronic object has a lifetime limit.

Caused by a card reader or USB cable 

The damage caused by the card reader is rare, but there are cases where there is a card reader whose voltage is too high to cause an excess of electrical voltage to the attached SD card. So that the SD card directly can not function and can not be read on the computer.

Here are the steps on How to fix an SD card corrupted


7 steps repair SD card corrupted or error
The earliest way to address the memory card error, unreadable and request is to be formatted by clearing the memory card, How to:

Unplug the SD card in the phone, and make sure the phone is turned off to avoid damage to others.

Then try to clean the copper plate pin found on the bottom side of the memory card, Try to clean using a cotton bud that is given a little alcohol fluid, and do so until the copper slab looks clean, this way can fix the SD Card Corrupted Or Error not readable on the phone.

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If after cleaning the copper slab the SD card is still an error and also corrupted, then try to format it on the memory card Yes indeed you have to relax the data and files contained in the SD card so that the error will be lost.

In the following way go to Settings menu > Storage, slide down, then it will see the option Erase SD Card. Click on that option and wait for the form of the SD card to complete.

If you're done trying to access the memory card on your phone again.

If it appears that the storage is empty and the memory card is readable, the memory card has been successfully formatted.


This can be done if the SD card is not detected on the Android phone, Do this way to fix it:

Plug the memory card into your PC/computer/laptop with a good-quality rock card reader

Create a new folder on the computer hard drive and name it as you wish, This folder serves to move and save all the contents/backup of the memory card that has been plugged previously/unreadable in Android.

Move all the memory card data and files to the new folder you created earlier if you have then formatted the memory card through the computer.

Once in the format, the SD card will return to its normal state and the storage looks empty. After that return the files and data contained on the computer to the memory card.

Perform an Eject or safety removal on your computer and then insert it into your phone's SD card slot and turn it on. Then check if the SD card is read on the Android phone

That's one way to overcome the unreadable memory card in Android


7 steps repair SD card corrupted or error
If some of the ways have not succeeded in repairing SD card errors or corruption, here's how to fix a memory card that asks to be formatted using the command Prompt command, the following way

Click Start on the computer.

In the Search Programs and files, field type CMD command and then press ENTER.

Later will appear CMD command, type in FORMAT F:/FS: FAT as in the how to fix the memory card with CMD Flash

(F here is the location of your memory card that has been on a computer or laptop if the computer belongs to your memory card detected in drive H then change the text F to H).
Click Enter and wait until the SD card format is completed.


7 steps repair SD card corrupted or error
Still do not get a repair solution SD card error and unreadable.

maybe this way can be used to customize the damage, use the HP Drive Boot Utility app, and how to repair it as follows.

Download the HP Drive Boot Utility software in advance

Install Software on your computer and laptop

Insert your own memory card that is an error or corrupted, then open the HP Drive Boot Utility software.

Select the micro SD drive and select the Create New Or Replace Existing Configuration option.

Wait until the process is complete.

Ejector safety Remove the SD card unplug the memory card and then plug it back into the Android phone and see if the memory card has been detected


Check memory card damage using PC
Still an error? Is there a follow-up method to fix the damage to the SD card error or unreadable?

This is one method of correcting a corrupted memory card without formatting. Check the damage via the computer.

After recognizing the damage to the memory card can be so you can create a solution that is suitable for handling it.

This is also one of the methods of correcting memory cards that can not be formatted on Android. Creating a Tasting method is:

Connect your phone using the data cable.

If your phone is convincing Android is connected in mass storage mode (MSC) mode instead of Media transfer mode (MTP).

Open Windows Explorer, right-click on your memory card drive, after selecting Properties Tools Error Checking, last-click Start. Wait until the whole process ends. Error Checking Drive

Eject the memory card and check whether the error has disappeared or not.

This is the method of correcting a memory card that is completely corrupted by a virus/malware memory card.


7 Steps Repair SD Card Corrupted Or Error
This is the last method you generally can use to recognize memory card corruption. You can identify the broken one whether the memory card or the memory slot on your phone using the trick. Just insert the memory card on another HP if found/intertwined error whatnot.

If the memory card is in good condition on different phones. Then there can be damage to the SD card slot on your phone, and you can make repairs to the slot Memory card.