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Instagram Dark Mode iPhone iOS 13 and Android 10

Instagram Dark Mode iPhone iOS 13 and Android 10
Running an Instagram app in dark mode can help save power on a phone that has a sizable screen size that surely also requires more power when the Instagram app runs in bright mode.

On Samsung's AMOLED display device when it comes to an app that has a bright background that can drain the faster battery, than in a dark background, as well as an Instagram app.

The dark Mode of the Instagram app will get the eyes to see it at night, the contrast in colors can make the text easier to read, and surely the app will look cooler.

The developers are already making updates on their respective applications – each with a new color scheme on some applications such as (Google Chrome, Facebook, and Twitter all have received the latest updates), and this time Instagram will also get updates Features a dark mode feature.

On iPhone phone devices, in order to get the dark mode features Instagram, can not be easy to do, you have to update the iPhone operating system that you have to the iOS 13 version, if the system update has been done, it will be easy enough to Turn on the Dark mode feature on the Instagram app.

To activate the dark mode Instagram on iPhone perform the following steps:

How to enable Dark Mode for the Instagram app on iPhone with iOS 13 operating system
  • Open the settings on your iPhone
  • Select Settings > display and brightness
  • Select and tap on > Dark mode to change the theme
  • Download the latest version of the Instagram app on iPhone AppStore
  • After that open and run the Instagram app on your iOS 13 iPhone. 
And to walk the dark mode Instagram app on an Android mobile device, then the phone you have must be in the operating system Android 10 position, in which operating system Android 10 ni already obtained dark mode features in mobile phone settings.
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Want to know how to enable dark mode Instagram on Android 10 Here's how you can:

  • Make sure your Android phone is updated to Android 10
  • Open the settings on your phone > Display > and activate the Dark mode feature or night mode
  • After that install the latest Instagram app from Google Playstore
  • Open and run the Instagram app then it will be straight into dark mode 
That's how to use Instagram dark mode on iPhone iOS 13 and also Android version 10 because it is quite a lot of people waiting for the presence of this feature on the Instagram application, hopefully, this info and tutorial can be useful for you. Thanks.