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5 New WhatsApp Features In The Year 2020

5 new WhatsApp features in the year 2020
The development of an app on Android phone devices every year is growing and adding features that are interesting to use by everyone as per his needs. Likewise, a WhatsApp application that is in the present era becomes an application that is very much used by everyone to do communication, such as the WhatsApp status feature or often also called WhatsApp stories which resemble the features of Instagram and Also a security feature by using fingerprints, so that WhatsApp is not easy to break up by people who are ignorant.

But in the year 2020, there will likely be 5 new features that are embedded in the WhatsApp application to bring more satisfaction to everyone using the WhatsApp app.

What are the latest features of the WhatsApp, in this opportunity Mobilintec Team has already summarized it?

1. Dark Mode 

This dark mode feature is already widely applied in other social media apps such as Twitter and Instagram, the advantage of this dark mode can help save battery consumption especially on phones that have AMOLED displays. And certainly, in the year 2020 WhatsApp will also have the dark mode features.

2. Ads on WhatsApp status

This feature is very inviting pros and cons, but the parties of Facebook who also share WhatsApp will still embed advertising features in a WhatsApp user status, the ads will appear when we open the Status to other WhatsApp users and Ads will fill the screen similar to the ads on Instagram stories.

3. Operating system support on Android phones 

For the year 2020 WhatsApp already will not support the Android system 2.3.7 and IOS 8 on iPhone, and at the beginning of the year 2019 also WhatsApp has discontinued its support on Windows Mobile phones.
For sure, the phone with a tent operating system is not able to run the WhatsApp application.

4. Reverse Image Search Feature 
This feature will be applied to the application WhatsApp 2020, where the function of Reverse Image Search we can browse from whom the image we have received, but not quite a lot of information in the can of this function.

5. Delete Auto Secret messages 
Perhaps one of these features will be a favorite of WhatsApp users who are deeply in the privacy of the app. This feature is similar to the Secret Chat in the Telegram app, which is where we can delete a Chat using the old duration of the hour, day, week, or month.

Similarly, the information that can Mobilintec Team give about 5 new features of WhatsApp in 2020, hopefully, the above information can be useful for all of you who always loyal use the WhatsApp application to communicate or chat.
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