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iPhone Reality Check: Original or Reconditioned - Find Out Now!

How to Check an original iPhone or Recondition iPhone? Early on, the iPhone smartphone became a smartphone that has high-end classes and every latest version of the smartphone is always awaited by many people. To this day, the iPhone is still considered a fancy, sophisticated, and feature-rich mobile phone.

For the problem of the price of one new iPhone unit can be priced a dozen million certainly this is a fantastic price, especially in this year the iPhone has released an iPhone version 11 and will be in the incessant with an iPhone 12 version that costs tens of millions. From early on born Iphones have always sold its products at a fairly high price. Thus making the iPhone become a trademark as expensive phones that can increase prestige for everyone who wears it.

Because it's the iPhone that is always in demand by many people. In fact, due to the high demand of the market.

Many of the bad guys who want to benefit from the gap in the high market demand against this iPhone phone, so many circulating the fake iPhone on the market.

The term Super copy is a clone very similar to the original iPhone. While the reconditioning status is an iPhone refurbish or production fails that is repolished by the evil person to look like new back. At first glance, the display of this fake iPhone is very similar to the original. But don't worry, still, there's always a way to check the original iPhone to distinguish it from being fake.

In general, counterfeit iPhones are sold at a price that is more angled than the original. The price can be very cheap to half the price of the original iPhone. This is definitely something awkward. If you find this not to be tempted first with the skewed price offered, because surely it is a fake iPhone or an unofficial iPhone recondition. In addition to having no warranty, the smartphone will also be quickly damaged within a few months and to make improvements to its potential difficulties.

How to check original or fake iPhone ...?

If you have any intention of buying an iPhone smartphone in the near term, make sure you choose an original iPhone product. There are several ways to differentiate the original iPhone with a fake iPhone one.

In the opportunity and this article Mobilintec Team will give you tips to distinguish the original iPhone or fake iPhone:

1. iPhone Material

iPhone material body
Since the iPhone is dedicated to the upper-middle class, it can be ensured that this Apple smartphone will use the premium material that is not the same as other smartphones. The hallmark of all iPhone devices carrying good quality metal and glass materials

This type of material will feel strong and sturdy in the position of your hand. Unlike the fake iPhone may use more cheap material. If you look carefully, you can easily see the striking difference between the original and fake iPhones in terms of their material. 

2. Genuine iPhone using Retina LCD Display

iPhone retina display
Retina LCD displays are part of the entire Apple output products. Of course, other mobile brands can not use this technology. Retina LCD Display is the technology found on the screen display of the iPhone. This technology began to be introduced on the old product iPhone 4. From then on, all iPhone series carry this retina LCD display up to now.

The retina display of the LCD display is very clear and smooth. The small matrix on the screen is very smooth and will only be visible in close proximity or with the help of a magnifying glass. In other words, the retina LCD display will make the iPhone screen have a high resolution. Unlike the iPhone Super copy and fake iPhone generally, only use an LCD screen or IPS with low resolution. So that the matrix of pixels will be visible more clearly without having to help the magnifying glass. 

3. iTunes on PC only detects the original iPhone

iTunes PC
One other way to check the original or fake iPhone is to connect the phone to the computer that already installed iTunes Software. iTunes Software is a must-have app to insert songs, videos, and other files into Your original iPhone.

If iTunes on your PC can detect the phone you are connecting to, it is certain that the phone is the original iPhone. Conversely, if the iTunes software cannot read the iPhone you have connected to your computer, then you should suspect that the phone is a fake iPhone. 

4. App Store on the original iPhone

App Store iPhone
To test the authenticity of an iPhone phone, you must open the APP Store through the iPhone. If you can find and open the App Store to download an app or game, it's certain that the iPhone you have is genuine. However, if your iPhone can not access it, then you can suspect its authenticity.

On the fake iPhone, you will find Google Play Store Google, can already be sure that the iPhone is fake. Of course, the App Store is just there on the original iPhone, iPod, or iPad. 

5. Screenshots with certain buttons on the iPhone

Screenshot iPhone botton
Original iPhone to take a screenshot you just have to press the ' Home ' button plus press the ' Lock ' button at the same time.

For a fake iPhone, the phone will not be able to take screenshots in the same way. In this way, you can recognize and check out an original or fake iPhone phone very very quickly. 

6. Fake iPhone price is much cheaper

Fake iPhone Price
Talking about a price, surely everyone will be tempted with the iPhone offered at a cheap price? In fact, many people who willingly buy smartphones from this Apple without thinking long about its authenticity, in fact in this position you are worth a suspect if you encounter a seller who offers an iPhone at a fairly cheap price compare to the official price in the release by Appel. Because it could be a fake iPhone, super copy or iPhone recondition.

To date, there are still naughty traders selling fake iPhone smartphone products at a price equivalent to the original iPhone, for this you need to be careful and vigilant. Because you need to do away to check Your original or fake iPhone more thoroughly. 

7. Check iPhone warranty
iPhone warranty
When you buy an iPhone phone at Apple's official store or an authorized distributor of Apple products, then it is certain that your iPhone's mobile phone warranty is genuine. You can also check the authenticity of an iPhone warranty through Apple's official website or you can see from the warranty information listed on the box and proof of your phone's purchase details.

Unlike when you buy Your iPhone phone in a place that is not yet guaranteed official, you should ask the seller about the warranty because in addition to the official warranty There is also an iPhone sold with a Distributor guarantee and warranty store. 

8. Check the IMEI on Your iPhone system, physical, and box
Check the IMEI on Your iPhone
When you've just bought an iPhone phone, don't forget to try to check the IMEI similarity found on the system, physical, and the iPhone box that you just bought.

How to check the original or fake iPhone through this IMEI number is actually the easiest way. You can cancel your purchase if you find one of the different IMEI numbers in the 3 sections. In other ways, you can check the IMEI via the iTunes software.

9. No external memory slots on the original iPhone
No external memory slots
Does the iPhone always offer great internal memory? Apple intentionally delivers large internal memory capacity because the iPhone will not be supplied with an external memory slot. Because indeed every iPhone phone product has considerable internal memory capacities.

Differs considerably from today's Android smartphones that definitely provide an external memory slot up to 64GB. Apple feels that the internal memory provided in an iPhone phone is enough to store a variety of user data.

10. Check the function of iPhone features to be purchased
Fingerprint iPhone

All the iPhone 5s series and above can be ensured that it has been equipped with a fingerprint feature. When you buy an iPhone but not found in the fingerprint feature, it could be that the iPhone you bought was fake. Jam it, the original iPhone is a mobile phone using a single SIM.

If you find an iPhone phone with a dual-slot SIM feature, we can make sure that the iPhone is fake.

Then preferably cancel buying the iPhone because an original iPhone phone never comes with features That way.

Because many fake iPhones are circulating on the market, you should be extra careful to buy an iPhone.

Avoid online purchases. caused, when you buy a mobile phone online, then you can not do physical checks on the iPhone could be the seller is a naughty person who is looking for victims of the transaction Buy and sell online.

To be safer, it is highly recommended that you purchase an iPhone phone at Apple Authorized Reseller.

Even if you buy at Apple's official outlets it is recommended to keep checking to distinguish genuine and fake iPhones. That already described in this article.