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How To Make Android Remote TV Without Infrared

Android Remote TV
Android Remote TV? Many people who want to know what smartphone Android does not have an infrared device (IR) can be used as a TV Remote? For the answer can yes and also can not. It depends on the type of TV you use to try remote using Android phones and also the operating system on the Android phone you are using. Both of these things you should understand in order to know which type of phone can be used as a television remote.

In this article Mobilintec Team will talk about some TV remote Android applications that can be used without having to use an infrared sensor, but before we discuss some of the advantages of Android applications that can be used to be a TV remote without A mandatory infrared in understanding the cause of an Android smartphone can and does its use as a remote telly.

The working system of a television that has its remote is because it has a signal transmitter (transmitter) and also the receiver signal (Receiver). A Remote serves as a transmitter, while the television is (receiver) or receiver. In today's modern era there are 2 models of television circulating on the market, namely ordinary TV models that support (compatible) with remote infrared (IR) and also smart TV models that support with remote infrared, Wifi and Internet is usually smart TV is supported An operating system like Android or WebOS TV.

For television ordinary models that only support infrared remote, can only be controlled with a remote that uses infrared as a manufacturer but there are some Android phones that have an infrared transmitter then do not have to bother anymore to setting on the phone. While the television model Smart TV can already support remote infrared, Wi-Fi, and the Internet as a medium with the completeness of the feature will not be a constraint if you want to make Android phones as a TV remote. With this explanation, surely you can already have an overview of the difference between regular television and smart TV?

With the explanation above you certainly, already understand that Android phones that do not have an infrared sensor can not be used as a regular TV remote model even though you have tried to install a remote application TV Android phones that you have. Nevertheless, Android phones without the presence of infrared sensors can still be used as a remote telly for the Smart TV model by utilizing WIFI networks and also the Internet network.

Below are the 3 lists of Android Remote TV applications without using an infrared sensor:

1. Smart TV Remote

Smart TV Remote
This TV remote Android application can be used with infrared and also Wifi features. With the Wifi network, this remote you can use to activate a Samsung Smart TV output in 2012, 2013, 2016, 2017, and 2018. For the Smart TV series in the following is not yet available in the know, there is currently no information from the app developer Smart TV remote. Nevertheless, it does not hurt if you try the application. This Smart TV remote application can only run on smartphones with the operating system Android 4.1 (Ice Cream sandwich) and on it. You can download its application in the Google Play store.

2. LG TV Plus

LG TV Plus
This TV remote Android app is issued by LG Electronics manufacturer specifically for use on LG smart TV devices. This application is only supported for television from LG products with WebOS TV issued LG around 2014 until now. To be able to run this LG TV Plus application Well, then the minimum specifications and phone operating system that you use has a minimum operating system Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or the latest operating system currently. You can download its application in the Google Play store.

3. Samsung Smart View

Samsung Smart View
TV remote Android application issued by Samsung Electronics Company can be used as a special smart TV remote product from Samsung only. If you want to install this Samsung Smart View application on a smartphone that you own, then the phone you have must have a minimum operating system OS Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or the latest Android system now. You can download its application in the Google Play store.

From the explanation in this article, you can replace a default TV remote from the TV by using an Android phone to make a TV remote without using an infrared sensor.

Such information and tips about Android Remote TV, hopefully, the information can be useful and add to our insight together in the world of technology in this current era.