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Escape Safe Mode Hell: 5 Steps to Free Your Android!

Turn Off Safe Mode Android phone
Turn Off Safe Mode Android Phone - An Android phone device will certainly always be in good condition from the first time we buy it, but sometimes it will appear constraints such as system errors in a period of 3 to 5 months depending on how we use it.

This is a small example of having internal memory on a full phone due to too many junk files or installing useless applications that instead make internal memory full.

With regards to a system error on an Android mobile device, in this opportunity, the Mobilintec Team discusses the Safe Mode problem, and how to turn off Safe Mode There is an Android phone. 

A Safe Mode on an Android device can suddenly appear with the text mark in the left or bottom right corner of the phone screen display.

If an Android device enters this safe mode, then all applications that we install on Android phones will not display and are certainly not usable.

What is the Safe mode intent on Android?

Safe mode on Android is a mode that makes an Android phone only run the main system without raising the application from the 3rd party that we install on the Android phone.

What is the function of Android Safe mode?

An example of the Safe mode function is to find the cause or error problem of the Android system, as the main application problem on the phone stops unexpectedly

But do not worry, because the message is not a malfunction, and this can be eliminated. So if you get a safe mode notification on your phone screen, then you don't need to be afraid, because the feature is indeed the default of any Android phone.

What are the causes of Safe mode?

The cause of Safe mode can be many factors, such as accidentally pressing several buttons simultaneously. In addition, Safe mode can appear in the case we install an application, but the system from the phone suspects the application that we have installed so it occurs in safe mode. His general thing is this much happened on the phone that is done root.

However, if you do not feel like doing these two things, such as pressing the button simultaneously or rooting the phone, but safe mode still appears, it is likely that the system on the phone that you are used to experiencing corruption.

How to turn off Safe Mode on Android?

The way to turn off safe mode is easy and straightforward, This applies to all kinds of mobile brands such as Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo, Lenovo, ASUS, and others mobile brands, almost entirely with similar steps
Here are the steps to turn off or exit the Android Safe mode

1. Restart Android Phone

Turn Off Safe Mode Android phone
The first way is quite easy, just by restarting the phone, as we usually want to turn off a phone, but in this safe mode case. When the phone has been shut down for a few seconds and then turned back on, the safe mode has disappeared, and the phone returns to normal

2. Remove the battery to turn off the safe mode

Remove the battery to turn off safe mode
Removing the battery will automatically make your phone die. This way can solve a wide range of problems on Android phones and does not close the possibility of turning off Safe mode

3. Check which apps are installed on the phone to cause safe mode

Uninstall apps android to remove safe mode
Apps installed on your Android phone could be one of the causes to get into safe mode. Especially on phones in the root conditions.

The way to handle it is quite easy, try to recall any application you last installed on your phone, causing safe mode. You can uninstall the app
To get the best result after that immediately restart the phone. The goal for Safe mode is immediately lost on the phone.
If not also create the result Try to uninstall it on another application and restart the Android phone.

4. Clear the Android Cache

wipe cache android to disable safe mode
The cache is a collection of data stored on Android. These data appear automatically for a long time Yes we use an Android phone.
And it turns out that this Android Cache data can bring up safe Mode messages on a mobile phone. If we are to bend any way the safe mode remains not lost.
To turn off the safe mode which is caused by cache data, it can be cached data cleanup, The way is as follows:
  • Turn off your Android phone first.
  • Then press the power button and the volume down button simultaneously. Some Android phones have different key combinations.
  • Wait a few moments, until it can enter Recovery mode.
  • In the Recovery menu, please find the Clear Cache menu or wipe cache partition.
  • Then Clear Cache until complete me wave status or done
  • Then turn the Android phone back on

5. Reset the phone to turn off safe mode

factory reset android to turn off safe mode
Safe Mode messages can be caused by system errors. Moreover, the age of the phone that you use is long enough, and it can happen.
So to solve this problem, you can do a factory reset on the Android phones that you have.

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By doing a factory reset, the condition will return the phone, and all system data and errors will be lost, it is certainly a powerful way to remove Safe mode on Android phones.
For how to do a factory reset like this:
  • Go to Settings on your phone.
  • Then you can find the Backup menu and reset it.
  • Then select the Factory Reset menu.
  • Wait a few moments until the process is completed usually takes about 10 minutes.
As a note before doing a factory reset in the recommend unplugging the Google account first, so as not to be constrained by the case forgot Google email verification.

After finishing the factory reset. Your phone will go back, and you just have to set up a basic command so that your phone can be used normally again.


Such information and tips on the cause of entry into Safe mode on Android and how to turn off Safe mode. Hopefully, this information can benefit you who have an Android phone stuck in safe mode.