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WhatsApp Without Borders: The Ultimate Guide to Adding International Contacts!

How To Add Someone On WhatsApp From Another Country

How To Add Someone On WhatsApp From Another Country

Here is a way to add WhatsApp friends from abroad into contacts on our mobile phones. This method is also often called how to add someone on WhatsApp from another country. This way we can communicate with contacts that are on our WhatsApp even though they are from abroad.

Every social media application and application to communicate is growing, we can send Chat messages, pictures, and videos to make phone calls or video calls over the internet network.

If you want to communicate with people who are from different countries but do not know how to add their contact number in the WhatsApp app? Or maybe you already have a contact number, but don't appear on the WhatsApp app? Make sure you don't get it wrong when entering your phone number or contact because it will make it difficult for you to communicate with people from abroad.

When we are in 1 country and send a message via WhatsApp app to a contact number that is in the same country, in a matter of seconds the message will arrive, Then what about the contact number originating abroad?

How to add someone on WhatsApp from another country

Please be reminded again that this is a way to add friends or contacts who are abroad into the WhatsApp app that is on our mobile phone, commonly also called international number because our country number and the number of people abroad are certainly different.

Mobile Number With International Format

To add a friend's contact number that is abroad we have to write down the contact number with the correct international format, in general, we just need to replace some numbers in front with the country code where the contact is located.

For example, if I am a person from Indonesia then for the use of the Indonesian country code it is (+62) then to write in the format of an international number the number 0 at the beginning of the phone number should be replaced with +62. For example this 0812 3333 4444 then it will be +62812 3333 4444.

If you want to add a contact number originating from the United States (US) country with the example phone number 308-321-7654. It should then add a country code from the United States with the format (+1) then the writing result becomes +1308-321-7654.

How to Add WhatsApp Friends from Abroad

Special Notes from WhatsApp for some Countries. From WhatsApp's official page on adding international contacts, several countries need to get the application of international numbers in a slightly different way.

Here are the Countries that should get special numbering. England (+44). If in the example above enter the number of the United States we only need to add the Country code. But for the UK it is almost the same as adding an international number, where the number 0 at the beginning of the phone contact number must be replaced with a country code. For example from 07981234567 to >>+447981234567.

Argentina (+54). On the international numbering for the State of Argentina, we have to add the number 9 between the Country code and the phone number. Prefix number 15 should be omitted. For example from 151234567890 >> to >> +5491234567890.

Mexico (+52). Almost the same as Argentina, between the Country code and the phone number, should be inserted the number 1. Be +521.

Country Code List For WhatsApp Contacts Here are some Country codes that you may need to enter WhatsApp contact number, because the number of Countries is too many we only display a few Country codes. For other Country codes, you can search for them via Google more fully.

  • American (US) = +1
  • Russian (RU) = +7
  • Puerto Rico = +17
  • Egypt = +20
  • Morocco = +212
  • Algeria = +213
  • Libya = +218
  • Greece = +30
  • Netherlands = +31
  • France = +33
  • Spain = +34
  • Ukraine = +380
  • Switzerland = +41
  • English (GB) = +44
  • Norway = +47
  • Poland = +48
  • German = +49
  • Brazil (BR) = +55
  • Venezuela = +58
  • Malaysian (MY) = +60
  • Australia (AU) = +61
  • Indonesian (ID) = +62
  • Philippines (PH) = +63
  • Singapore (SG) = +65
  • Thai (TH) = +66
  • Japanese (JP) = +81
  • Korean (KR) = +82
  • Hong Kong (HK) = +85
  • China (CN) = +86
  • Taiwan (TW) = +886
  • Turkish (TR) = +90
  • Indian (IN) = +91
  • Pakistan = +92
  • Myanmar = +95
  • Jordan = +962
  • Saudi Arabia (SA) = +966
  • Palestine = +970
  • United Arab Emirates (AE) = +971
  • Qatar = +974
  • Iran = +98

This method can be done not only to get acquainted with people who come from abroad. But it can also be to communicate with family, and friends who have settled living abroad, so you will not have trouble when going to chat, phone calls, or video calls through the WhatsApp app.

Similarly, those abroad must also keep their phone numbers by the code of the country in which they live.

Such information, tips, and tricks on how to add someone on WhatsApp from another country. Hopefully, with this information, you will not feel confused anymore about adding a WhatsApp contact number from another country. Thanks.