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Bug Detected On Latest PlayStation 5 Game Console

Bug Detected On Latest PlayStation 5 Game Console

Bug Detected On Latest PlayStation 5 Game Console - Sony's latest game console Playstation 5 (PS5) has been officially marketed globally in mid-November 2020. However, there are many reports that there is a bug on the PS5 where users cannot download games, applications, and run some applications normally.

This information is quoted from the Gizmochina page, when the user downloads the system from ps 5 game console device will give the message 'Queued for Download'. So for this solution, users are required to reset the Sony Playstation 5 game console.

Some console users experienced a glitch when performing the first download. It is reported that there is an error in the download, the game or application selected by the user will display the message 'Queued for Download. After that, users will get a notification message in the form of an empty list of the results of the game download process.

The bug causes Console Game PlayStation 5 to become freeze

The effect of the download error caused the PS 5 game console to become freeze. And if the user checks the download list of games or apps on the PS5 PlayStation store then the status has not been downloaded or purchased.

The list of games on PS 5 affected by this Bug includes Mon's Souls, Call of Duty: Black Ops CoGodfall, Spider-Man, Dead War, and Disney Plus. and for this Bug problem only affects the latest game console from Sony that is Playstation 5 only.

The solution to solve Queued for Download on PS5

Meanwhile, Sony has not confirmed the bug problem that has befallen its latest game console. However, there is a solution offered by the call of duty game developers, where to solve the bug problem 'Queued for Download' is recommended for users to make factory settings on Sony Playstation 5. For more ways to fix queued for download error, Sony PlayStation 5 can be seen in this article.

This is the only way this can be done in the meantime to solve this Bug Queued for Download problem. Surely if doing factory settings then the user must repeat the download process dame or applications on the Playstation Store. Hopefully, Sony can quickly solve the problem or Bug contained in their latest console game Playstation 5.