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Cause Of Touchscreen Damage And Repair Steps

In today's era, all electronic devices that use LCD displays will certainly carry the concept of use Touchscreen features on the device. And his general mobile device implements the touchscreen feature as input media into the menu.

Some brands of smartphones such as Samsung, iPhone, Motorola, Sony, Lenovo, Asus, Xiaomi, Vivo, oppo, and various other brands have used touchscreen technology as their operating media.

In addition to the phone turns computers, laptops, and also a wide range of brands The smart TV has also been using Touchscreen to facilitate the integration of these electronic devices.

Besides being applied to smartphones, computers, laptops, and also smart TVs. The touchscreen also applied to some places public facilities such as airports, shopping centers, railways, and others. The uses of screen touch are usually applied on Computer devices that are indeed at the service of a customer.

Such as when you want to book a ticket, or to make a purchase, the use of touchscreen media will make it easier for someone when doing a hard drive without having to press a computer keyboard and have to switch to the computer screen.

How does Touchscreen work?

Cause Of Touchscreen Damage And Repair Steps
The performance of a touchscreen is not separated from the components and also IC contained on the touchscreen.

When we touch a screen then the sensor panel contained therein will detect and will send commands to the Touchscreen controller to the software drivers.

And will change it to be the data that will be recognized on an operating system on an electronic device such as a mobile phone, smartphone, laptop, or smart TV and then will run the appropriate function of The Touch command we did earlier.

When the response from the touch that we did on the Touchscreen has been read by the system, it will run a function that has been addressed on the system.

So that the menu on the display of a smartphone, computer, and also smart TV will open full His.

Touchscreen types

For the type of Touchscreen is quite a lot, and its development is also better. Although it serves as an input media by using the way to touch the screen of the touchscreen.
Some types of Touchscreen that are common in applying to devices such as smartphones, laptops, and also smart TV:
Cause Of Touchscreen Damage And Repair Steps

Every corner of the screen is a circuit that plays a role in measuring capacitance. The touch that is given by the fingers or other conductors, which is the conductor on the screen, causes an obstacle in the electrostatic state. The constraints caused the substitution of capacitance. The substitution is measured by the circuit and then used to know the touch position. This type has solid durability and a clear display.

This type of Touchscreen works by transmitting acoustic waves via the top glass layout placed above the display screen. When a fixture that has an energy that is a kind of fingerless fingers is contacting with waves until the transmission of acoustic waves is interrupted by fingers. Constraint raises the amplitude reduction where the reduction is identified by control electronics for knowing the touch position.

This screen touch is excellent in its special durability against aggressive treatment as well as a reasonable price. Composed of 2 thin structures made of glass or polyester. that are enclosed in a barrier material and separated by invisible separation points. On Resistive Overlay, the electric current flows on all parts of the screen. When the pressure is given to the screen, the two lines have caused a change in the flow of the electric current. Through the substitution, a touch position is found.

In a touch frame or screen, there is a range of light diodes and transistors. Each of them is placed on two opposite sides for creating a grid of invisible infrared rays. The fingers or other conductor most equipment penetrated the lattice, infrared rays emitted by the diode rays. The transistor knows the loss of light and transmits signals that recognize the X-and y-coordinates of the location or the conductor's equipment.

This type of Touchscreen uses a touch detection tool or a leading edge. The equipment or circuit has a great level of precision. In using information and processing photos create a fitting profile for a given touch.

This Touchscreen works by transmitting acoustic waves through a glass panel equipped with partially transducers and reflectors. When the fingers come into contact with acoustic waves, the wave movement is changing. This change is after it is used for knowing the touch position. The advantage of this type is to have a very large degree of clarity and good endurance energy. But sensitive to the inherent dirt.

Cause damage to Touchscreen

In addition to the use of touchscreen that makes using an electronic device is easy, but the touchscreen can also malfunction and this will irritated us when we want to use an electronic device such as smartphones because there will usually be constraints such as touch no response or ghost touch.
Some things that can cause damage to the touchscreen include:
Cause Of Touchscreen Damage And Repair Steps
The habit of pressing the touch screen firmly and excessively can make damage. Make sure it does not have to press firmly on the touchscreen display.

Many people put their cellphones in their pants pockets, unknowingly put the phone in the pants pockets. It can make the touchscreen become error or malfunction, this is due to the pressure between the thighs and also the narrow space on the bag Pants.
Touching the touchscreen with nails anyway makes the condition of the screen be more quickly broken. This is the same with us pressing firmly on the touchscreen display.

The touchscreen on a mobile phone that is often exposed to direct sunlight can cause faster damage and will reduce quality and also the color condition of the touchscreen display.

Whereas putting the phone in the bag generally, there are also other objects such as locks and other hard objects. This can cause friction between hard objects with a touchscreen display and more fatal can cause the occurrence of rupture or Crack on the touchscreen.

Spill water or other liquids on the screen of your phone or a laptop that uses a touchscreen can cause damage. The fluid will absorb the inside of the screen and interfere with the performance of the components.

A few steps of anticipation to avoid damage to the touchscreen and its repairs. 

Ways to overcome the damage that occurs in Touchscreen on the device smartphone, laptop, or smart TV

Cause Of Touchscreen Damage And Repair Steps
You can use scratch on the screen of your phone, quite a lot of products offered in the mobile phone accessories store, or you can also use a back cover with a flip model to keep your phone screen protected even if you want to bag or bag Full of hard objects.

If there is a sign of damage to the touchscreen on the phone can do a hard reset or wipe data on the phone, it may be caused damage to the operating system that does not work properly.

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Using the Application screen calibration is also quite potent to overcome the damage or error on the smartphone touchscreen, type of damage that generally occurs on the touchscreen of the mobile phone, no response or ghost touch, you can download Screen calibration application like Partial Screen in Google Playstore or other websites.

Cause Of Touchscreen Damage And Repair Steps
You can also attach a screen protector (scratch-resistant) on your laptop or computer, thus reducing the possibility of damage or rupture on the touch screen on a laptop or PC, also do Pemebersihan regularly on a laptop screen with Use soft tissue or cloth, so that the condition of the screen is kept clean from dirt and dust.

Cause Of Touchscreen Damage And Repair Steps
You can install the smart TV by attaching it to the wall with a position not too high to keep it easy at the hands when you want to touch on the screen smart TV touchscreen, also attach the screen protector (scratch) on the TV.

General of his TV that is only on the table is vulnerable on the counter is once stung and dropped and cause damage to the screen, and usually if you want to do repairs damage on the screen smart TV will require a cost quite expensive, then it is better to Anticipate the damage.

That's what he reviews and information about what is Touchscreen, the type of touchscreen, the cause of damage, and also a step of repair, hopefully, this information can be beneficial to you all.