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Unlock the Hidden Power! Boost Android RAM Capacity Without Rooting

Increase RAM Capacity Android Phone

How to increase RAM capacity Android phone without root
It could be you when you feel annoyed with the slower performance of your smartphone. How-to steps and methods of increasing the Android RAM capacity without root?

This method can help the performance of Android smartphones continue to be quick to use for chatting, browsing, and playing games.

But make it first let's understand the understanding of RAM and use it in a phone. 

RAM usage has a very crucial role in the smartphone. Random Access Memory, also called RAM, is a component hastensplements applications that are used to work with the computing process in the processor.

After that, after the processor digests the results of information computing an application would be forwarded to RAM so that the application can be displayed. The more applications that you run, the more decreases the RAM capacity. As it's a short description and how RAM works on smartphones.

At the moment there are many RAM booster apps spread over the internet. You can easily access it. At this time with the growth of logy in the smartphone until the RAM capacity continues to grow.

Currently, you are no wonder anymore if you find a smartphone with a RAM capacity of 2 GB, 3GB, 4GB, up to 8 GB sold in the market. However, it will be different if your smartphone only has 1 GB of RAM or even below it.

The small capacity of this RAM will affect the smartphone performance speed system. It is frustrating to feel like a smartphone hangs with very slowincreasingance.

The method of Increase Android RAM with a real application can be easy for many reasons that provide it free of use

You can actually manage the performance gently your phone slowly or hang patiently. That is, by not opening very many applications simultaneousalalreadyhphaseur Android smartphone always normal performance.

Do you want to use an Android application that can increase the capacity of the smartphone RAM? Or want to know the method of increasing Android RAM capacity with external memory?

Here will Mobilintec Team to share tutorial information to raise the Android RAM safely and efficiently for a wide range of mobile brands such as Xiaomi, Lenovo, Advan, Evercross, Samsung Galaxy, Huawei, Asus Zenfone, Vivo, Oppo, LG, Sony Xperia, and various other brands.

How to the method increase the RAM capacity of an Android phone without root? Because it relates to RAM with a small capacity that is difficult for some people.

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Therefore, the post to Mobilintec Team's comment is about a guide on how to increase the RAM capacity on your Android smartphone with a small capacity.

How to increase Android RAM capacity without Root


The initial method that the Mobilintec Team will share is by using the RAM Control eXtreme Pro application. The method of use is very easy. As follows:
  • Download RAM Control eXtreme Pro APK for free on your Android phone play store, then install the app.
  • Once you launch the application, then select it into the RAM Booster feature, then select Boost RAM so that the RAM capacity rises immediately.
  • Select the START menu on the Auto RAM Booster button so that your RAM booster process immediately runs in a while.
  • Not only that you can also control the time of the Auto RAM Booster system in the Settings tab.
  • Select the Task Killer tab so you can immediately turn off which apps are not needed.
  • You can also insert some applications into the white list or the application notes that you do not turn off.
By implementing the above method, if your problems are related to the RAM problem if it still arises, then try to apply the rooting process to your own Android smartphone features.

Not only that you can also explore other methods to increase the capacity of the RAM, but even you can also create new additional RAM that comes from external memory.


After that, we lead the next method is to use the Swapper app. We can easily download it through Playstore or Web provider of other Android apps.
  • The first thing you need to do is download the Swapper app on your play store.
  • Once downloaded, you can install the app directly into your Android smartphone.
  • If you've installed it perfectly, open the Swapper app.
  • Next, you activate the menu in Active Swap on Boot.
  • After that in the Swap File Position section, you can select the SD Card FAT Partition.
  • In the Swap File Size section, then enter the amount of capacity of the virtual memory you want to add.
  • When finished, click Save the Configuration.


This Smart Booster app actually will only control the contents of the application and the system that is not very useful for you on a smartphone to facilitate the performance of RAM so it can make the phone performance faster.

Not only that but there is also an advantage that the Smart RAM Booster app is a lightweight application size. The methods and guidelines for use are as follows:
  • Download the app from Smart Booster in your Android phone Play Store for free.
  • After that install and run the application.
  • Click on the Start Now button.
  • Next, you can enter the settings menu
  • Boost Level To change the type of RAM Boost.
  • 4 levels of boost range from Gentle, Medium, Strong, and very high level Aggressive.
  • If you want the performance of RAM so much faster you can immediately vote at the level of Aggressive.
  • Next on the menu in Settings Ram Boost, next, make sure your options in the Boost When Screen Off are checked and the Delay To Boost When Screen Off feature is already in the Immediately position.
Next, if it is appropriate then please return to the main menu then click on the small rocket image so you can start the boost process. Once the process is complete, your smartphone's RAM condition is more relieved and lightweight.


A useful application to enlarge this RAM is still new, but it is one of the best RAM-enhancing apps you can try to use. This app can be downloaded free on the Play Store.

Not only is its capacity also small. The & application of < 2GB RAM Booster offers the advantage is an easy and quick upgrade process of RAM in implementing the settings. The usage method &lt; 2GB RAM Booster is like the following:
  • Download the app first on the Google Play store.
  • After that install and run.
  • You'll first be directly faced with a processor image that has Boosted in the middle.
  • Click the Boost Post.
  • Next, wait a few seconds until the process finishes.
  • So the capacity of RAM memory in your smartphone is already more relieved from the capacity of the former.
Please try one of the 4 RAM booster Android apps that have been destroyed above. And try to feel the best result and quality from this RAM booster app.

Thus the method of raising the RAM on Android smartphones without root so that the features of your phone continue to be faster performance. Thanks