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Battery Swap Showdown: Can You Really Replace a PS3 Stick Controller Battery with a Nokia Battery?

Replace A PS3 Stick Controller Battery With A Nokia Battery

Can I Replace a PS3 stick controller battery with a Nokia battery

Can I Replace a PS3 stick controller battery with a Nokia batteryA cordless wireless-connected joystick controller on a Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) gaming console is an advanced technology. Using this type of stick controller will make it easier for us to play a game.

Unlike console games, Its predecessors such as PS one as well as PS2 still use controllers connected via a cable. But be aware that a wireless PS3 controller connected with Bluetooth is sure to require a battery-powered resource.

And sure an electronic device will have an age limit, and so does the battery in the PS3 controller Stik. What if you use a fake controller, the quality of the battery is also not very good.

Is it able to replace the PS3 controller battery? 

Making a battery switch on the PS3 game console controller can of course be done if indeed the durability of the battery has decreased. The change of battery can also be done by yourself without having to bring it to a repair controller specialist and console games too.

Is it able to replace the PS3 controller's battery with different battery types? 

Usually, the price of a battery for a PS3 Controller is quite expensive. If you have enough money to buy it seems it is not an obstacle. If it turns out that you do not have enough funds to buy new batteries, then that's when an idea and creativity become the main capital to overcome it.

Then, what kind of battery is suitable for use on a PS3 stick controller? As a suggestion, you can try to install the battery from a Nokia phone. Because the size and shape are the same as the built-in battery of the PS3 controller.
If you have an old type Nokia phone that is unused and the battery condition is still good, then it can be used to replace the battery in the PS3 stick controller. 

But if you don't have one, then you can buy that type of Nokia battery in the store or online. And certainly, the price is cheaper than a special battery for the PS3 controller.

What type of Nokia battery is suitable for the PS3 controller?

The type of Nokia batteries that can be used is BL-4C or BL-5C. Because of the same shape and size. It does need a little translation on these batteries can somewhat be paired on the PS3 controller. But the material is not very complicated and quite easy to do, in the picture below Mobilintec Team will give you how to install a Nokia battery for the PS3 controller. Follow each step so that there is no error in the installation process.

Step One
Can I Replace a PS3 stick controller battery with a Nokia battery
Remove the bolt and cover the PS3 controller using the help of a screwdriver. Then remove the battery from its connector. Make sure the bolts and other parts of the controller are placed in a container for safety.

Step Two
Replace the PS3 controller battery with Nokia batteries
Cut the battery connector cable with a knife or scissors. This cable will then be connected to a Nokia battery.

Step Three
Replace the PS3 battery stick controller with Nokia phone battery
Then plug the connector cable that has been cut into a single-type BL-4C Nokia battery. To attach the cable can use solder. Make sure the red cable towards the battery is positive and the black cable to the battery's negative pole. Just ignore the central pole on the Nokia battery, as it is not required in this change process.
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Step Four
Once done in the process of installing the Nokia battery on the PS3 controller, the next step reassigns the entire controller part to its original position. 

Then test the function whether the controller can be lit and also try to do the charging, whether it can connect to the Charger well.

If all functions go well then your steps are successful. It can save costs from having to replace the battery of a valuable PS3 controller quite pretty expensive.

Such a tutorial on how to replace a PS3 battery stick controller with a Nokia battery type BL-4C or BL-5C. Hopefully, this information can be useful for all of you. Thanks.