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PS4 Lamp Flashes Blue And Cannot Turn On

PS4 Lamp Flashes Blue And Cannot Turn On - For those of you, Sony PS4 game console owners may or may currently experience constraints such as the console that cannot be turned on. If you try to turn on PS4 by pressing the power button should the indicator light be white, but instead it is blue or red and flashes. And usually, the symptom is followed by not the appearance of audio and video on the LCD TV screen or LED TV.

Of course, this will make you panic and confuse you to fix the damage. If the PS4 game console conditions you have are still in the warranty that you are sure you are thinking of exchanging it for a new unit. But it will take quite a long time, especially if you do not buy the game console Sony PlayStation 4 instead of the official outlets Sony.

To overcome the problem PS4 LED light flashes blue and cannot turn on, it is necessary to take a few simple steps to complete it 

Try your first analysis of which sources are roughly the cause of the PS4 damage issue that can not turn on. Mobilintec Team here has given 2 factors that could be the trigger of the damage that occurred.
  • The problem with Power Supply
  • Problem on Hard Drive (Hardisk)

1. Blinking Blue/Red Light Cause Power Supply problem 

For the first step, first shut down your PS4 console by tapping on the power button for approximately 5 seconds until you hear a beep sound 2 times.
Then unplug the PS4 power cord from the power source (never unplug the power supply cable suddenly on the PS4 console, if the LED light indicator is still lit or flashing). This could make the data corrupt and the more severe the system on PS4 so it's corrupted.
PS4 Lamp Flashes Blue And Cannot Turn On
Then you can check the power cord condition, does the damage occur? You can try replacing those power cables if you have a PS3 console as well. Because the shape and size of the power cord between the two console games are the same.
You should also check the condition of the HDMI cable connected to your PS4 to the 4K LED TV you are using. Sometimes the heat temperature on the HDMI cable connector will make the cable become damaged. Then try replacing it with a nice HDMI cable.
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2. PS4 Blinking Blue/Red Light due to problematic hard drive 

To try these remediation steps, make sure that the PS4 game console condition is not connected to the electric current source. And disconnect all the cables that are still connected to your PS4 console.

Next, you can open the cover of the hard drive on your PS4, according to the image that the Mobilintec Team has given you.
PS4 could not turn on due to problematic hard disk
If the cover of the hard disk is open, then the next step tries to check on the hard disk, and whether it is well connected to the connector socket.

Usually, if a hard drive shifts only slightly from its position, it will make the PS4 console unable to turn on when the Power button is pressed. And also note that there are awkward things, such as a scorching smell or a detached part.

You can also confirm whether the hard disk condition is in good condition or damaged by contacting your computer (PC) or laptop.

If the two solutions are not yet able to overcome the problem you are experiencing, then the damage may occur elsewhere. It is recommended that you immediately bring the Sony PlayStation 4 console to the store where you purchased it and submit a warranty claim.

But if your PS4 has expired, then you can take it to a trusted game console-specific fix in your city.

Such is the brief information and tutorial to fix the problem of PS4 damage that is not lit and only light the blue LED light only. Thanks.