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5 Best Websites And Text To Speech Apps

5 Best Websites And Text To Speech Apps

The best website and text to speech apps - Do you know the technology that can turn writing into sound and often called text to speech TTS. Technology has been emerging for a long time. But nowadays quite a lot of users or YouTubers use text to speech to voice on the video content they make.

Simply put, the feature or technology of text to speech is useful to change the writing or text into a voice automatically. In some developed and developing countries, the use of text to speech is quite often used for example in the world of business, education, and others. But unfortunately, not all website text to speech or text to speech applications can support many languages.

But if you still want to use text to speech TTS that can support many languages, then in this article Mobilintec Team will provide the best solution for all of you.

5 Best Websites And Text To Speech Apps

Mobilintec Team has summarized 5 websites and text to speech TTS applications that are quite popular and certainly support many languages in the world.

In addition to its popularity, it turns out to be a problem of the level of accuracy in the change from writing or text to sound quite good and precise. Curious to know what are the websites and applications, check out the list below.

1. Google Translate

google translate text to speech

The first is Google Translate, one of the best services owned by Google that is able to translate from one language to another.

But not only that, it turns out that Googe translates also has a text to speech feature that can support up to 100 languages.

Google translate also support and can run for various operating systems or devices such as PCs, Laptops and Android smartphones, and iPhone iOS. Of course, how to use it is quite easy, you just have to choose the language reference you want.

Then when the word or sentence will be changed to sound, in the next step you can hear the sound results by pressing the "listen" menu on the left side of the Microphone icon.

Keep in mind, however, for Google translate can only convert writing into the voice of no more than 1500 characters of writing. But you don't need to worry, you can still use more than 1 text to speech feature from Google translate. Although it has limited words that can be inputted, Google translate is one of the best text to speech providers with voice results like a human voice with fairly good intonation, although Google continues to make developments for one of these flagship features. 


ResponsiveVoice text to speech

In second place by, this is the best text to speech website that you can use. For the results of the use a woman's voice as her narrator.

The intonation of the resulting sound is very good and almost similar to the original human voice and very comfortable to listen to. The users of the text to speech service on the responsive voice website provide satisfactory value for the articulation results from the change of text to voice on the website.

You do not need to install it on a PC or smartphone to use this best text to speech service, just visit the website and can directly use the text changer feature into this voice.

Unfortunately, there are drawbacks where it is located in punctuation marks such as a period or comma when read, where the narrator will always stop for every 16 words without punctuation marks such as dots and commas. So it makes a sentence less fitting when listened to.

3. best text to speech TTS

Similar to, is the best text to speech feature based on the Website. However, the sound and intonation results are quite flat, in contrast to those in Responsivevoice. Oddcast also has letter character restrictions as is the case with Google translate.

But on the other hand, Oddcast has an advantage, where you can modify the narrator's voice as you wish. Like the best text-to-speech services this is worth a try.

4. Google text speech Android App

Google text speech apps android text to speech

Next is the best text to speech application android, where Google text to speech TTS can be a mainstay to turn writing or text into voice.

This Google text speech application is perfect for android smartphone users who like to read but are sometimes beset by lazy to read writing or article.

Of course, by using the best text to speech software from Google, it feels like having a personal assistant to read a writing, news, or other information.

5. Narrator's Voice Android App

Narrator's Voice Android App text to speech

Another of android's best text to speech TTS apps is the Narrator's Voice. This android application can be downloaded for free through Google Playstore or other android APK app provider's website.

The advantage of the narrator's voice application is that it can change the voice of the narrator with the characteristics of various countries such as China, America, Russia, and England. So that the resulting sound can be adjusted to your liking.

In addition, the Narrator's Voice app, which changes the text to voice, can also be downloaded and saved so you can listen to them at any time. So no wonder the Narrator's Voice app is very popular and often used to voice video content on Youtube.

Those are the 5 recommendations of website services and the best text to speech  TTS application support many languages that you can use for reading articles or news information. From the list of the best websites and text to speech applications above, which one is the best and worth trying?