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Calling All iPhone Users: Solve Microphone Problems with These 7 Genius Hacks!

Fix The iPhone Microphone Not Working During Calls

7 Ways To Fix The iPhone Microphone Not Working During Calls

iPhone microphone not working during calls - The microphone is one of the components on the iPhone that serves to record sound, for example when you make a phone call, record video, record voice memos, use Siri, and so on.

However, some iPhone users experience problems where the Mic does not work at all, especially when making video phone calls through chat applications such as WhatsApp, Facetime, Skype, and so on. Then how to solve it?

Overcoming iPhone Microphone not working

On the iPhone, there are 3 microphone locations, the upper front, bottom, and rear microphones,

with the main microphone under the iPhone. To find out if there are any

microphone problems, test the microphone first with the easy method below:

The trial of all three microphones in various locations, and how to test the microphone is as follows.

  • Open voice memo
  • Tap the record icon
  • Try using the microphone by bringing the sound closer to the microphone.
  • Then press the play icon to play the recording.

Test these microphones in three microphone locations alternately to find out the Damage. You should be able to hear the sounds of the three microphones.

However, if the resulting sound is less clear, such as ire is an error in the microp settings or also damage to the hardware.

But you do not panic, there are still several ways and important things that you can try to restore the functionality of the Mic on the iPhone, here's how.

7 Ways to Fix the iPhone Microphone Not Working During Calls

To solve the iPhone microphone that does not work when you make phone calls, record voice, and record video, you can do some repair steps that will be explained below

1. Make sure the microphone function is on

If you use a phone call by using an application such as WhatsApp to make a Video Call make sure the Microphone menu is active, you can check back on the menu display on the iPhone screen whether the microphone menu icon is on or off.

2. Check App Permissions to Use Microphone

If the microphone does not work on applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or other applications to make phone calls or Video Calls, make sure you have allowed WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or other applications to use the microphone on your iPhone.

To check it please go to the > Privacy > App. If the microphone is not yet allowed then enable permissions on the problematic application.

3. Restart iPhone

Restarting the iPhone is quite powerful if there is a problem caused by a bug in iOS, how to restart the iPhone is quite easy, you just have to turn the iPhone off and then turn it back on.

4. Make Sure Microphone Hole Is Not Closed

Also, make sure that the mic hole on your iPhone is covered with other objects such as dust. The microphone hole on the iPhone is located on 3 parts that are the top of the screen, the back near the camera, and the bottom. I'm sure the mic hole wasn't covered by anything.

5. Disconnect All Connected Accessories

If the iPhone is still connected to the Headset or Earphone device be sure to unplug the cable first, or if using Bluetooth earphones please first disconnect the connection by disabling Bluetooth, then try testing the function of the iPhone microphone.

6. Update to the latest iOS Version

Try to update the iPhone software to the latest version of iOS, there may be an error in the system or there is a bug that causes the iPhone Microphone to not work.

To update to the latest version of iOS please go > General > and Software Update. Make sure to use an internet network or Wi-Fi during the iOS version update process.

7. Making Improvements To The Hardware Microphone

If the above ways have not given the best results then it is best to take your iPhone to the Authorized Apple service center to check the components and hardware microphone contained in the iPhone.

If your iPhone is still under warranty status, please apply for a warranty, this is the best solution to overcoming the damage to the microphone on the iPhone.

This information about the iPhone microphone not working during calls, if there is something you want to ask or convey please leave it in the comment field below.