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8 Best Brands Of Electric Water Heater In 2022 Update

8 Best Brands Of Electric Water Heaters In 2021

If any of you are looking for the best electric water heater, nowadays there are a lot of electronics companies that produce electric water heaters, of various types, models, and prices. Even so, but still, all the best brands of electric water heaters serve to warm the water electronically.

As one of the electronic items that fall into the category of household appliances, electric water heaters are now needed.

Because, having the best electric water heater can facilitate your work, in getting hot water easily without having to cook it first.

The ease of use of electric water heaters, can not only be felt by young people and adults, but elderly people can also use them easily.

By having the best electric water heater, you can also easily take a hot shower and get a myriad of health benefits, and can also relieve stress.

The benefits of bathing in warm water, of course, can be obtained and felt by everyone easily, just by using the best electric water heater.

Therefore, for those of you who do not have an electric water heater, or are looking for the best electric water heater, then on this occasion Mobilintec Team will provide some recommendations of the best electric water heater that can be the right choice for you.

8 Best electric water heater products that can be the choice for you

1. Ariston Andris Lux

Ariston Andris Lux electric water heater

The first electric water heater was Ariston Andris Lux. An electric water heater that has an Italian design, has a very strong safety and durability.

For its safety, Ariston Andris Lux is equipped with several features such as ELCB (Earth leakage circuit breaker), bracket, accurate thermostat, and safety valve.

Meanwhile, for its durability, this electric water heater product has proven its durability, because it uses copper elements as well as an Incoloy enamel coating that makes it durable.

Besides, the tank provided by this product is quite large, namely, there are 15 liters and 30 liters. With a tank of this size, Ariston Andris Lux requires 350 watts of electrical power with a voltage of 220 volts.

Interestingly, this electric water heater has an automatic water sensor, which is perfect for use at both high and low pressures. Therefore, it is not surprising that this water heater product carries a fairly luxurious design.

2. Ariston Aures Smart SMC33 RS

Ariston Aures Smart SMC33 RS

Constant water temperature for the best warm shower experience. This electric water heater made by a famous Italian designer is not only elegant but also safe. Thanks to the Anti Scalding 2.0 feature, the heater will not turn on if the water it gets exceeds the set temperature.

This product is also equipped with Constant Temperature technology to ensure the water temperature always fits on the skin. You just have to rotate the button at the bottom of the product to set its temperature.

3. Rinnai RES EC010

Rinnai RES EC010

One of the factors that are often considered when choosing the best electric-powered water heater is the level of power needed for its operation. However, you don't have to worry. Because, Rinnai offers a water heater product that can operate with a small wattage, and does not significantly affect your monthly electricity bill.

The brand from Nagoya, Japan introduced Rinnai RES EC010 as one of the best water heaters with an electric power consumption of 200 watts. Specifically, this water heater from Rinnai has a water reservoir capacity of 10 liters with a water pressure level of up to 7 bar.

Unfortunately, you haven't been able to adjust the water pressure the way you want it to. Regarding the quality of components, this water heater is equipped with Incoloy elements that can increase the heat temperature of water evenly and equipped with a layer of anti-rust and anti-corrosion. Equipped with an ELCB 10mA security system, this water heater can disconnect the electricity flow automatically when there is an electrical leak or unstable flow.

4. Electrolux Water Heater Instant ComfortFlow 800

Electrolux Water Heater Instant ComfortFlow 800

Keep your family safe with 16 safety features. Afraid to use electrical appliances near water? You don't have to worry because the Electrolux water heater is equipped with 16 safety features. When turned on, it will perform an automatic system check to make sure the heater is safe to use.

To set the water temperature, you can use the touchscreen screen available at the bottom of this product. Not only that, but the Eco Shower feature will also show you the amount of water you've used. Thus, you can adjust the length of your bath time to save water usage.

5. Domo Electric Water Heater DA 4010

Domo Electric Water Heater DA 4010

Next, there is Domo Electric Water Heater DA 4010, which becomes one of the best electric water heaters.

Because, an electric water heater with a tank of 10 liters is guaranteed to be environmentally friendly, because it has been equipped with a heater made of magnesium anode, which can increase the resistance of this product to corrosion, in the polyurethane layer of solid water heat resistance in the tank.

The safety of electric water heater products is the same as other electric water heater products because it uses ELCBfeatures and water tanks made from layered enamel porcelain.

Not only that, but Domo Electric Water Heater DA 4010 can also produce water with a maximum temperature of up to 75 degrees Celsius, which only requires 200 watts of electric power.

6. Electrolux EWE 241 HX-DWS

Electrolux EWE 241 HX-DWS

There are not many choices of water heaters that come with additional showers on the sales package. Therefore, the presence of an Electrolux EWE 241 HX-DWS water heater can be the best alternative water heater thanks to its completeness equipped with a shower. The brand, which was founded in Sweden for the first time, is well known for presenting modern and ergonomic designs and is equipped with cutting-edge technology.

The design that can attract attention is also featured on this electric-powered water heater. The heating unit is designed in a vertical shape with curves on the sides and top edges, making it seem to have a modern design language.

Also, the electrical structure of the water heater is located at the top of the tank unit to minimize the risk of shorting due to water leakage. The LED panel embedded in the water heater unit is also quite intuitive because it can change colors as an indicator of usage, ranging from white, purple, and yellow, to red.

On the LED you can also set and monitor the hot temperature of the water needed. In standby mode, this water heater only consumes 3.5 watts of electrical power, while when operated the power can increase up to 531 watts to speed up the process of heating water.

7. Ariston Pro ECO 50V

Ariston Pro ECO 50V electric water heater

Ariston Pro Eco 50 V is one of the best electric water heater products produced by Ariston which has a fairly high price. This is certainly due to the use of quality materials, strong, and excellent power efficiency.

Not finished until there, Ariston Pro ECO 50V also has a tank with a large enough capacity, which is about 50 liters.

This electric water heater product also has many advantages that can be enjoyed by its users, such as automatic on/off, a maximum pressure of 8 bar, and using corrosion protection in the form of titanium enamel and magnesium anode.

8. Aqua AES10VQ1

Aqua AES10VQ1 electric water heater

The best electric water heater product from Japan this one has a very affordable price.

With such a low price, you can already get an electric water heater that has obtained waterproof grade IPX4 certification.

Aqua AES10VQ1 itself, has a tank measuring 1 liter. Which, to be able to operate this electric water heater, you need 200 watts of electric power.

Such is the review of the 8 best water heater products that can be an option for you, but before choosing the best water heater it would be nice to make sure your family's total water use when bathing is a benchmark when choosing an electric water heater.

The tank heater is suitable for large families, but the electricity consumption and place are also large. Meanwhile, the instant heater is an electric and practical option, although the price is not friendly.

And also make sure the electric power in your home before buying electric water heater products. Also, pay attention to the safety features found in the product. And determine immediately the electric water heater product that suits your needs and family members.