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7 Tips In Choosing An Electric Water Heater For Hot Water Needs

7 Tips In Choosing An Electric Water Heater For Hot Water Needs

There's nothing more delicious than when you take a hot shower after coming home from work, By using an electric water heater can certainly save time. With many types of electric water heaters on the market, it will certainly make you confused to choose the best water heater.

In this article, Mobilintec Team will explain how to choose an electric water heater based on your household features and needs. Then, so you can consider the right electric water heater product for your wholeness. Check out the reviews through this article and find the right electric water heater.

How to choose an electric water heater

Three points to consider when choosing an electric water heater are the suitability of electrical power, safety, and the number of family members. This last point is the most important because it will affect the selection of the type and capacity of the heater.

7 Tips for choosing an electric water heater 

1. Choose according to type

The electric water heater is available in two types, namely a heater with a tank and a water heater without a tank. Each has different advantages and disadvantages. Besides, the appropriate type of heater will depend on your home environment. For more information, see the following sections.

2. The Electric Water Heater with a tank can meet the needs of large families

This type of Water Heater has an insulated water storage tank to keep the temperature hot. Its ability to hold large amounts of water makes it the best option if you have a large family member.

This type can also be considered if you want one water heater to supply water throughout your home. The tank capacity varies, you can determine the capacity of the tank you want to meet the needs of warm water for your entire family.

The use of a water heater with a large capacity tank will require a large enough space in its placement. Therefore, this type is less suitable for the apartment environment. The electricity needs are also higher because this tool needs to keep the water temperature constant. When the hot water runs out, you will need to wait to be able to use it again.

3. A water heater without a tank can provide hot water instantly

For those of you who do not like to wait, we recommend an electric water heater without a tank. This type is also referred to as an on-demand heater or instant heater. Due to its compact size, this type is suitable for use in apartments or for those of you who live alone.

This instant heater will heat the water instantly when the water passes through the coil or its heating element. So, you can immediately enjoy the warm water once the heater is turned on and the faucet is opened. Unfortunately, the water flow is limited so you can't use it to supply water to more than one bathroom at a time.

Despite its practicality, the price of a heater without a tank tends to be more expensive. Your home must also have a large amount of electrical power because it requires a large amount of electrical power during power. Also, the type of water heater without a tank requires periodic maintenance.

4. Adjust its capacity to household needs

If you have many family members in 1 house, the capacity of the water tank in the electric water heater should be considered. Generally, one person spends 10 liters of water while bathing. If there are 6 people in the house, at least you will need a tank with a capacity of 60 liters. However, if your family members are more than 6 people, of course, you need a tank with a larger capacity.

Electric water heaters without tanks can also be used for large families. However, the limited flow of water makes you have to be good at getting around it. You may need more than one water heater without a tank so that the warm water needs of the whole family can be fulfilled. But this will harm the consumption of electricity in your home, it could be that your electricity bill will be more expensive.

5. Consider the area of available places

The availability of a place is very important for those of you who live in a cramped apartment or house. Heater with a tank with a capacity below 30 liters and an instant heater suitable for this environment.

On the other hand, heaters with large capacity tanks are better used in large houses. Therefore, do not forget to measure in advance the space that you want to use to install a water heater with a tank.

6. Make sure the home's electrical power is compatible with the needs of the electric heater

Each electric water heater requires different electrical power. A heater without a tank uses the most electrical power, which is 2400 watts or more. If your home's power is low, you need to turn off other electronic devices before turning on the heater.

The electric needs of tank heaters vary depending on their size. For example, a 10-liter water heater requires a small wattage because it can turn on with a power of about 250 watts. Meanwhile, a tank with a capacity of 150 liters will require an electric power of 1200 watts to 2000 watts.

When viewed from the wattage, a heater with a tank may be seen as the most power-efficient option. However, this heater needs to be turned on all day to keep the water in it hot. On the other hand, the instant heater will only use electricity when heating the water. Therefore, heaters with tanks will consume more electricity than instant heaters.

7. Pay attention to the safety features of the heater

Electric water heaters are usually equipped with safety features, such as water temperature settings and thermostats. The thermostat detects the water temperature and turns off the heater when the water temperature is too high. There are also products equipped with overheating indicators to warn you when the water is overheating.

The water heater is made of metal so that with time running, there is a risk of rusting. Especially in heaters with tanks, the inside is usually coated with enamel to protect against rust. Besides, some products are equipped with silver nanoparticles that can kill germs in the water.

Another feature you need to pay attention to is the earth leakage circuit breaker cable. This cable will disconnect the electricity to the heater when a short circuit occurs. Some heater models can also check each electrical component to ensure that the heater is safe to use.

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The pleasure of a hot bath is certainly very coveted, especially when the body is not fit. However, you need to be careful when you want to buy this product taking into account its type, features, and safety. That way you can avoid danger and waste electricity.

If you are going to use it for a large family, you can use a type of electric water heater with a large water tank capacity. However, if you want a compact and tend to quickly choose the type of electric water heater without a tank or instant water heater.