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8 List Of The Best Trash Can Brands 2022

8 List Of The Best Trash Can Brands

It is very important to keep the house clean and tidy, one of the things you can do is provide the best trash can. Various models of trash can be found with various features, as well as interesting shapes.

Besides, the size of the trash can also vary, there are small trash cans that you can use in the bathroom, and there are also large ones that are suitable to be placed outside the area of your home. It is very important to choose the right size of trash can for your home.

Therefore, in this article Mobilintec Team will present some of the best types of trash cans. Here's a full review of the different types of trash can products.

8 Best trash can that can be a recommendation for your home

1. Krisbow Stainless Steel Pedal Bin Trash Can

Krisbow Stainless Steel Pedal Bin Trash Can

This trash can from Krisbow has a shelter capacity of up to 12 liters made of stainless steel. This trash can is easy to empty and clean because on the inside there is a removable bucket.

It can be placed throughout the room of the house, including in damp places such as kitchens and bathrooms. For easy maintenance, you just need to wipe it with a wet cloth on all parts, then dry it with a dry cloth.

2. Green Leaf Trash Can 2312

Green Leaf Trash Can 2312

This Green Leaf 2312 trash can has dimensions of 545 x 490 x 940 mm, very suitable for use outside the area of your home. This trash can is made of strong quality plastic that you can use for many years.

This 120-liter trash can is equipped with a lid that can be avoided rain, sun heat, and a pungent smell. Also, you will be facilitated when moving or pushing this trash can, because it has wheels

3. IKEA Fniss Bin

IKEA FnissTrash Can

IKEA Fniss trash can has a minimalist design with material made of polypropylene plastic. The size is mini, suitable to be placed in the bedroom or workspace as a dry trash can, such as paper waste, cotton, or plastic packaging.

Available in several beautiful color options, namely white, red, green, and blue. In addition to being an additional decoration in the room, this trash can is quite multifunctional, because it can be used as a beautiful pot for indoor plants.

4. JYSK Dustbin Stainless Yugine JJ-4

JYSK Dustbin Stainless Yugine JJ-4

JYSK is one of the famous brands that always presents quality home products or furniture. This unique trash can of the Yugine JJ-4 series is equipped with a premium quality bin pedal that features slow-motion or motion without causing annoying noise when the cover is closed. Available in silver and white color variants, and can be placed in any room to add cool decorative accessories.

5. Ninestars Smart Sensor Touchless Waste Bin Trash Can

Ninestars Smart Sensor Touchless Waste Bin Trash Can

Smart trash can, modern design, and quality. This trash can uses sensors to open and close with a slimmer, cooler, and more comfortable-to-use design. When your hand or object is less than 30 cm away then this trash can will open automatically.

You can also use the system to manually open the lid when the battery runs out. Also, the material used by this trash can is environmentally friendly.

6. HighPoint AEK9268MT20L Trash Can

HighPoint AEK9268MT20L Trash Can

Quality trash can, made from the best materials with a more elegant design. The trash can of the highpoint brand is made of strong stainless steel with a sturdy shape. Also, the square shape and beautiful silver color of the trash can design will further beautify the look of the room in your home.

This trash can is also equipped with a soft-close mechanism that can close slowly, so it does not cause a loud or noisy sound when closing.

7. Xiaomi Smart Bin

Xiaomi Smart Bin

Xiaomi continues to develop its products with the latest technology, including the category of home appliances. This time the latest is the Xiaomi Smart Trash Can which can detect objects with sensors from a distance of 0 to 30 cm. The trash can will open automatically immediately when your hand movements are caught by the sensor.

There is another feature that is also sophisticated, namely when the garbage bag is full, just press the automatic sealing button and this trash can will give a warning in the form of a buzzer so that the user immediately disposes of the garbage bag. Then this trash can will automatically install a new garbage bag to be reused.

8. Medical Waste Container Onemed

Medical Waste Container Onemed

Especially for medical waste and waste. Various medical waste is ready to be accommodated by This Medical Waste Container from OneMed. Having a practical and hygienic stepping system, this product is made of solid quality plastic material. It is bright yellow, with a special 'biohazard' symbol on the outside of the front, making it easily visible from a distance though. Often placed in hospitals, laboratories, clinics, and other medical places, because it is following its provisions.

Before buying a trash can, you should consider the size of the trash can, the model, and the material used. You should also pay attention to additional features, such as a stepping pedal or an automatic sensor that can make it easier for you to dispose of trash, nor does it cause your hands to get dirty.

You can choose the HighPoint AEK9268MT20L trash can because this trash can is made of high-quality materials, more durable with a more modern design. But if you want a more sophisticated trash can by using an automatic sensor to open and close, you can drop the option into the trash can of the Xiaomi Smart Trash Can brand or the Ninestars Smart Sensor Touchless Waste Bin.

Meanwhile, if you want a trash can with a larger capacity and made of quality plastic materials, then you can choose the Green Leaf 2312 trash can.