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Why Is My Phone Not Ringing When Someone Calls Me

Why Is My Phone Not Ringing When Someone Calls Me

Why is my phone not ringing when someone calls me - Often someone can't pick up a phone call for some reason. The most common thing that happens is because you do not know, such as when not carrying a cell phone, the phone is dead, or there is no signal. But a factor that I and some people often experience is that the phone doesn't ring when a phone call comes in.

There is no sound when the phone comes in on our phone is a frequent thing in recent years, because the lifestyle has changed as well. Maybe a lot of people used to use phone ringtones when there were incoming calls or incoming text messages.

But in recent years and perhaps for the next few years, the ringtone is no longer trending. In the past, many people were vying to use good ringtones on their mobile phones.

Perhaps if it used to be before the Android era as it is now, Nokia ringtones are arguably the most popular ringtones. Besides Nokia, blackberry ringtones in my opinion are also good.

While in the Android era, the average ringtone is almost the same despite the different brands. For example, Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, and even Nokia already use android OS ringtones just like other Android smartphones.

Then the question is, why is it that when there's a phone coming in the phone doesn't ring? or rather why the phone ringtone doesn't ring when there's an incoming call? There are several reasons why the phone does not sound like there is a phone call.

The cause must have been known, but you didn't realize it caused the phone's sound to disappear when there was a phone. So you can read some of the causes I'm going to explain below.

This Is The Cause Of Why Is My Phone does Not Ringing When Someone Calls Me

1. Silent Mode On

The first reason the phone does not sound when there is an incoming phone or notification is because it is in silent mode. This silent mode is often active accidentally when we turn down the volume of media but until this silent mode is active.

If silent mode is on, your phone will not sound and vibrate if there is an incoming notification either by phone or notification from third-party applications such as Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp.


2. Vibrate Mode On

Vibrate mode is on, if there is an incoming notification it will only vibrate and will not sound. For fashion, this one is the most used model by people today.

So, if you want to sound when there is a call, your phone is not set in 2 modes above, Silent or Vibration.


3. Do Not Disturb/Silent Mode On

For this reason, it may be rare, because not all phones have do not disturb or silent mode. For example, this feature is not as flashy as silent and vibrating modes, so the chances of being wrong are very few.

So that's some reason why the phone doesn't sound when there's a phone coming in. To solve this you just have to turn on the sound mode if you prefer to sound if there is an incoming notification. I personally prefer to vibrate mode only.