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7 Tips for Cheap Car Insurance

7 Tips for Cheap Car Insurance

Tips for Cheap Car Insurance - Did you know that getting cheap car insurance isn’t something that happens by chance? There’s a specific way insurance companies calculate our premiums, which also means there are certain steps we can take to make sure they’re calculated in our favor. So if you’re tired of paying high premiums every six months the following seven tips could be just what you need.

1. Get No More Coverage Than You Need 

There are a lot of people paying for more coverage than they need. For example, did you know that if you have collision insurance on a car that’s only valued at $1500, that’s all you’ll get if you total it? Collision insurance is a necessity when a car is brand-new, but by the sixth or seventh year, it’s a waste of money.

2. Be Careful How You Assign Your Vehicles

If you have multiple drivers and multiple vehicles in your household your insurance company will, by default, assign the riskiest driver to the most expensive vehicle. But you have the right to decide which driver gets assigned to which car. Exercise it.

3. Be Careful about the New Car You Buy

More expensive cars also require more expensive insurance. You may want that flashy sports car but keep in mind the insurance is going to be expensive. Also, keep in mind that a year from now your “baby” probably won’t be so dear to you anymore. Is it worth the extra cost to buy that car, to begin with?

4. Ask for Discounts 

Almost every insurance company has a predetermined set of discounts available to drivers who ask. But the key is asking. They won’t volunteer the information on their own, but they are obligated to let you know if you inquire. Ask about discounts for safe driving, good grades, etc.

5. Shop and Compare

It goes without saying that you should shop and compare car insurance whenever you’re purchasing a new policy. But you should also take a few hours to do a new comparison before your renewal is due. You might be surprised to find that renewal time is a good time to switch companies for a better rate.

6. Force Insurance Companies to Compete

Believe it or not, car insurance premiums are not set in stone. If you can get a hold of three or four quotes you can play one insurance company against the other and allow them to compete for your business. It requires a skilled tactician to pull this off, but it is very possible.

7. Behave behind the Wheel

We saved this for last because it is the single most important thing you can do to get cheap car insurance. Of all the factors that go into determining your premiums, none is more significant than your driving record. If you want cheap car insurance drive safely, responsibly, and legally at all times. The cleaner your record, the less you pay.