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Oppo A37's Charging Problems Solved: Say Goodbye to Slow Charging and Non-Charging Woes!

Why My Oppo A37 Phone Slow Charging And Not Charging

Why My Oppo A37 Phone Slow Charging And Not Charging

How To Fix Oppo Neo 9 A37 Not Charging - The Oppo A37 smartphone often cannot be charged when one or more of its supporting components, such as a USB cable, USB port, or adapter, are broken.

To be confident if the OPPO A37 smartphone's charging issue is with the supporting device or the phone itself, it would be helpful to be able to do a quick investigation first.

How to repair Oppo A37 battery won't recharge

You may use the following three methods as a starting point for your analysis of the damage to the OPPO A37 smartphone that won't charge:

1. Alternate Charger

Try to replace it with another charger as the first course of action. Because the charger may be damaged or outdated and hence unable to conduct electricity effectively.

2. Replace the USB Cable

You may check the USB cable to see whether the source of the not charging issue on the OPPO A37 is the USB cable by changing it. A USB cable that begins to encounter damage might cause non-charging issues on every smartphone phone.

3. Change the battery

Try to change the battery; instances of damage to the smartphone that cannot be recharged by the battery may also be brought on by the state of the aging batteries, thus the chance of this occurring to the OPPO A37 smartphone is not excluded.

To change the battery on the OPPO A37 smartphone, you need to have specialized knowledge and all the necessary equipment to prevent further harm to your OPPO phone.

How to resolve the issue of the Oppo A37 phone not charging by examining the internal components

There are various approaches to guarantee the cause of issues from the OPPO A37 phone that cannot be charged by the battery in addition to changing supporting accessories.

However, only those with knowledge and expertise in mobile phone repair may use this technique. You should leave the task to a reputable mobile phone repair business if you lack experience in the area of smartphone repair.

Here are 3 strategies to fix damaged Oppo A37 phones that won't charge using the internal component analysis approach.

1. Replace Charging Connector

Replace Charging Connector Oppo A37

The charge connector on the phone is often damaged along with the use of the phone, this can also trigger problems such as not charging or slow charging.

For cases of damage to the not charging on the Oppo A37 phone, of course, you can also change the charged connector on the Oppo phone. however, if you can't make a change, you should leave it to the nearest and most trusted smartphone repair service.

2. Corrosion component lines

Component line corrosion might result in harm like the Oppo A37 phone charging slowly or not at all. Humid conditions and exposure to liquid spills may both contribute to the formation of corrosion on the interior components of mobile phones.

Additionally, the mainboard of the mobile phone might rust due to air and sea breezes carrying salt. On the phone mainboard, additional actions are required to repair component lines that encounter corrosion. You accomplish this by re-soldering and jumping on the component pathways or socket pins or connections that are corroded.

3. Change the charger IC

Change the charger IC Oppo A37

The "IC Charger," as the name suggests, functions to provide the battery with a power source so that the phone may switch on and operate properly.

The phone won't be able to be charged and charge slowly, and it may even turn off abruptly if this Charger IC component is broken.

You should leave replacing the charger IC with a mobile phone repair service so they can properly assess it and then provide you with the best option.


If you don't have experience with electronics or mobile phone repair, you should simply leave the Oppo A37 not charging issues or sluggish charging to the mobile phone repair shop nearby.

The best course of action is to adopt this approach rather than tinkering with your phone since it might lead to harm that worsens over time.

Consult a reputable mobile phone repair business to get the best solution and estimate of the cost of repairs, giving you the choice of continuing to fix your OPPO A37 phone or purchasing a new one.