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Why My Samsung J7 Microphone Not Working? How To Fix It

Why My Samsung J7 Microphone Not Working And How To Fix It

Fix Microphone Not Working Samsung J700F - If you are on the other end of a call made or received over Whatsapp, Viber, Messenger, or a regular phone call. Although others can't hear you, you have no trouble hearing them. You may read this post if you're experiencing that problem. We will provide both basic and complex solutions to the problem of the "Samsung j7 microphone not functioning" in this article. This issue may sometimes be brought on by faulty MIC (Hardware), but it's often brought on by Android systems or caches.

Some problems that occur if the mic on the phone is damaged

  • The voice cannot be heard by the interlocutor.
  • Unable to record voice and phone.
  • The sound quality is so bad that there is even annoying noise when we speak.

How can I test my Samsung mobile microphone?

Then how can we confirm the damage to the mic of the Samsung Galaxy J7 J700f smartphone? Of course, by testing and analyzing simply first

Here are the steps of the Samsung microphone test and simple analysis to make sure the function of phone Mic is functioning properly or not

1. Reboot your Samsung Galaxy J700F

Sometimes a malfunctioning phone mic occurs due to an error in the system on the phone. As a simple step, of course, you can reboot the Samsung Galaxy J700F Android smartphone that is experiencing Not Working microphone problems.

2. Factory Reset your Samsung Galaxy J700F (2016)

Before doing a factory reset on your Samsung Galaxy J7, you must first make a backup.

because it completely wipes off the data stored on the phone's internal memory. (All videos, images, and phone numbers will be removed.) Specific Resetting Guideline line

The procedures are as follows:

  • Switch off your gadget.
  • Press the Power, Home, and Volume Up buttons simultaneously.
  • When the Android figure appears on the screen, release the buttons.
  • The Wipe Data/Factory Reset option may be highlighted with the Volume Buttons and selected using the Power Buttons.
  • Press the Power button to choose the option Yes-delete all user data after using the Volume buttons to highlight it.

3. Try doing a voice recording

The third step you can do is to try to record sound or video, every smartphone phone certainly has a voice recorder application feature. 

You can try recording a sound with a duration of a few seconds and then play back the recording result, observing whether the sound recording results sound small, there is noise or no sound at all.

If that happens, the source of the problem can certainly come from the hardware of the Samsung galaxy J700F phone itself.

4. Clean microphone hole on Samsung J7 2016

Using a cellphone that is long enough and does not maintain cleanliness on the phone can certainly cause a pile of dust and dirt on the cracks and holes of the microphone on all smartphones.

This could also happen on a Samsung J7 phone, where is the microphone on my Samsung phone? The position of the mic hole on the Samsung j7 can be at the bottom of the phone body, if you find that the phone hole is covered with dirt then you can clean it with the help of a toothbrush and a small needle so that it can remove dirt and dust that clogs in the hole of the Mic.

After you do this method, then try to record your voice again, if you look at the sound recording results. If the result of the sound is heard, then the problem has been resolved.

How do I fix the microphone on my Samsung phone with an analysis of internal components?

If you have expertise in repairing a cellphone, of course, you can do it, but if in doubt, you should leave this job to a trusted cell phone repair service only.

But in this article I will give an overview that you might be able to do to analyze the damage to the Samsung j7 microphone not working on the internal component, here are some steps that can be done:

1 Check component paths

Humid air conditions or mobile phones exposed to liquid spills can cause the component lines on the mainboard to corrode.

To analyze the component path, you must choose supporting equipment such as a multimeter, soldering, and other tools.  If a disconnected mic path is found then you can do the Samsung j7 mic jumper way method with the help of solder and copper wire.

Here's a picture diagram as a guide for you if you want to do a repair analysis on a Smartphone Samsung J700F microphone not working.

Samsung j7 2016 microphone not working

2. Switch Microphones

The microphone component has a function to capture sound waves when we call. If the Samsung galaxy J700f smartphone is driven by a Microphone, then you should make a change to the Microphone component.

Switch Microphones Samsung J700F

But you should leave this work to a trusted mobile phone repair service near you so that they can provide the best solution to the problem of the damage that occurs to your Samsung J7 phone.


The Samsung j7 Mic's, not working problem can be caused by several things such as dirt and dust that closes the microphone hole, the phone that is affected by liquid spills, and even errors in the operating system on the phone itself.

We recommend that you do a simple analysis first to solve the problem of the mic not working on Samsung Android phones, but if the source of the problem is in the phone hardware, you should leave it to a professional mobile phone repair service.

Submitting it to a mobile phone repair service can provide you with the best solution, total repair costs, and warranty. Thus the review on how to fix the Samsung galaxy J700f 2016 android smartphone microphone not working.